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Cat Found in Central Hillside

Cat found in Central Hillside (3rd St & 2nd Ave E) 7/14/11. Has a pink collar but no tags. Please notify if you are or know the owner.

Charity Huot CD Release Party

Charity Huot CD Release Party, Community Celebration, and Ness Campaign Kick-Off

Pizza Luce
Today, June 30th @ 9:30 PM
$5 / 21+

-Join Charity Huot as she releases her 2nd Album “A New Beginning.” She will be joined by the musicians  on the Album: Summit Hill Band- Denise Guelker, Ryan Kimm, and Justin Korhonen.

-Toast to the success of Mayor Don Ness, his support for the arts, and help him kick off his campaign!

Ness Campaign Kickoff Events

Help kick off the campaign to re-elect Mayor Don Ness!

Wednesday, June 29
Noon Kickoff Speech and Reception
11:30am – 1 pm @ The Great Lakes Ballroom at the Holiday Inn
Mayor Ness will speak at 12:15pm

After Work Reception
4:30pm – 6pm @ The Zeitgeist Arts Café – 222 E. Superior St.
Meet and Greet with Mayor Ness and friends!

Favorite Duluth Area Swimming Holes

I have a simple question. Seeing as summer is about to draw to a close, what is your favorite Duluth area swimming hole? The deeps, the shallows, the Lester River train bridge, Lester Park, Twin Ponds and the spot beneath the bridge crossing the St. Louis river on the Willard Munger trail all come to mind. Does anyone have any other favorites aside from spots along Lake Superior?

DNT Resorts to Interviewing its Publisher to Produce Content?

So I know that the whole ripping on the Duluth News Tribune theme gets a bit tiresome. Yet this article compels some response from anyone who knows better than to accept as journalism a story about the New Tribune’s publisher speaking before the Duluth Chamber. Ironically, in this story, the reporter quotes the DNT’s publisher stating that “What we don’t have is less local news content.” Well, I suppose if this article and advertisements qualify, that may be the case. But the newspaper is not even close to being “better than it was a year ago.” Read the story and you might understand my utter confusion at how anyone could possibly consider this story to be newsworthy.

3-on-3 soccer tournament at UWS

UWS will be sponsoring a 3-on-3 indoor soccer tournament to benefit the Genocide Prevention Network. Cost is $5/person to play or $10/person which includes a Genocide Prevention t-shirt. The tournament will be held on Saturday November 8th in the Health & Wellness Center from roughly 10 am to 4 pm. If you are interested, email Ryan Hebert at rhebert(at)uwsuper.edu. We are hoping to get 16 teams. Winners will receive special soccer balls.

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