Cat Found in Central Hillside

Cat found in Central Hillside (3rd St & 2nd Ave E) 7/14/11. Has a pink collar but no tags. Please notify if you are or know the owner.



about 13 years ago

This looks a lot like the cat Bella who was reported missing here on PDD a few days ago, and whose owner said she might be wearing a pink collar.

Dave Sorensen

about 13 years ago

The cat from the previous post has a brown spot beneath its left eye -- can't see it from the angle of this photo. 


about 13 years ago

Sorry but it is not Bella. The coloring is much different. It is hard to see from the photo I posted because it was taken at night with a flash but this cat is mostly white with patches of grey and brown.


about 13 years ago

If you want to see better pictures of the cat, please see the post I put on Craigslist: 

Cat Found (Central Hillside)

Bad Cat!

about 13 years ago

I was really hoping it was Bella. :(

Francene Starr

about 13 years ago

CAT PEOPLE--Please put an ID of some sort on your cat -- at least a phone # -- it can go on a piece of masking tape around the collar...I worked at Animal Control in IL and it was so sad to see cats come in with collars and NO ID on them...often these cats were euthanized.  When I had "outside cats" I would make collars out of elastic with masking tape IDs...(now mine go out on harnesses and long rope leashes).

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