Michele Bachman: Benedict Arnold

from The Huffington Post:

Representative Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) announcement today that she planned to re-register as a Democrat, has sent the Democratic leadership into crisis mode.

“Arlen Specter was one thing,” said Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-Nev). “Having Bachmann on our side has me thinking of going Libertarian.”

Bachmann, who’s been known to challenge sanity said she “saw the writing on the wall,” literally.

“When I woke up this morning I found that someone had scrawled, ‘Arlen makes a lot of sense,’ on my bedroom wall and it looked a lot like Mitch’s (Senate Minority Leader McConnell) handwriting.”

While McConnell (R-Ky) wouldn’t confirm the scrawling, he did say that losing Bachmann is the least of his worries.

“With Norm [Coleman] losing to Franken, Arlen going turncoat and only 21% of people polled identifying themselves as Republicans, I was thinking of heading over there myself,” said McConnell. “Michele has always danced to her own song. Unfortunately, the song is ‘They’re Coming To Take Me Away’.”

Bachmann, who has been known to get her facts somewhat inaccurate, yesterday linked the Swine Flu to the Democratic Party saying the last time we dealt with a similar outbreak was during Jimmy Carter’s term. When reminded that it was not under Carter, but during Ford, Bachmann wouldn’t be swayed “Carter was a real president, Harrison Ford only played one.”

“Even I’m having a hard time not cracking up when I have her on,” said Sean Hannity. “The woman is such a nut I’m surprised some squirrel hasn’t already whisked her away.”

“But I tellya,” Hannity added.

Bachmann said she’s making the move because she was wary of the competition she might face in her reelection campaign.

“Arlen made it very clear that winning in Pennsylvania would be a struggle, and being that I’m not even from Pennsylvania, reelection would even be harder for me.”

“We’re telling Congresswoman Bachmann that we already has maxed out the number of Democrats allowed,” said Democratic Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi. “If that doesn’t work we’re just going to bolt the door.”

In other political news, Republican senators and Congressmen are reported to be convening at a Virgina location where Minority Whip John Boehner (R,Ohio) will be dispensing juice cups for a ritual party suicide.


Award-winning TV Writer, Steve Young, blogs at the appropriately named SteveYoungOn Politics.com



about 15 years ago

OMG thanks for the laugh!


about 15 years ago

I thought this was real, at first.  So much of what she says actually SEEMS like satire.  If she ever gets out of office she will likely become more powerful because they won;t be able to keep her off of the talking heads and conservative fundraising circuit


about 15 years ago

Because of population loss, MN is due to lose a Representative seat in the next redistricting of 2010. My off the cuff guess, if Bachmann win her next race (in 2010) she will be simply drawn off the map. Her district (#6) is already the most Gerrymandered district in MN and the surrounding states. Someone will lose a seat in 2010 and Michelle is the least stable of the bunch, she won by the smallest margin of all MN Reps (didn't even clear 50%). Expect her district to be folded into #2, #7, and #8. Depending on where she lives that means she could try her hand against Obestar (DFL-#8), or Collen Peterson(DFL-#7) or try and primary out Erik Paulsen (R-#2). Given that Obestar and Peterson won their races with about 70% she'd go down in flames there. Might have a better shot in a primary with Paulsen, but I really don't think it'll happen. Indeed the DFLers have to be eying district #2 as a possible pickup in 2010, Paulsen was the next softest winner in the state (won with 48%), all the DFL needs is a centrist DFLer with the last name of Johnson, or some such, for the suburbanites to feel ok with.  

I think the redistricting in MN is done in a fairly non-partisan manner, which is actually good news for the Republicans, because looking at the maps I could see ways the DFL could easily redraw the maps to (eventually) eliminate 2 of the 3 Republican Representatives

Todd Gremmels

about 15 years ago

If the Democrates take this BSCBF then my great uncle Magnus will roll over in his grave!!!!!

WOW I can't even imagine what goes on in this person's brain??? Or wait I know what goes on in this persons brain-SURVIVAL!!!!!!

Or as my great aunt Marg would say-
Die conservitive scum!!!!



about 15 years ago


"Die conservitive scum!!!!"

I prefer to live and let live.  But thats likely the difference between us.  And it makes all the difference.  

Peace and Love,


P.S. Spell check ;^0

Ruth Henriquez Lyon

about 15 years ago

Ha ha, that's funny.  But seriously, after her recent speech concerning carbon ("carbon is perfectly safe because it's a natural substance")I am beginning to wonder if she's poised to venture into the realm of serious mental dysfunction.

Todd Gremmels

about 15 years ago

Sorry AJP conservative scum.

Oh by the way I agree with my aunt.

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