Where are Duluth’s Protectors?

Cincinnati gets caped crusaders and we don’t?

Come on people! Let’s see some Duluthians on this registry!



about 15 years ago

Counterpoint: While I think the idea of costumed crusaders roaming the streets is romantic and cool, the reality of masked vigilantes taking "the law" into their own hands is fraught with peril.



about 15 years ago

As someone who has spent a fair amount of his time in Cincinnati, I must say this is a lot better press than the Queen City has received in quite awhile. I just wish these crime fighters were patrolling Over-the-Rhine about eight years ago instead of the quick-to-shoot police that led to the riots.


about 15 years ago

What I want to know is why do all the 15-20 year old bangers keep coming from Chicago to Duluth??? We need some do-gooders or else the police needs to be stepping up their game. I got robbed at gunpoint outside my house on Feb 18th and there was really nothing anyone could do. I still have nightmares...


about 15 years ago

...the reality of masked vigilantes police taking "the law" into their own hands is equally fraught with peril.


about 15 years ago


(goes to look up html strikeout codes)

Bad Cat!

about 15 years ago

Geist is from Rochester, maybe we could invite him up for a super hero training seminar?
In all seriousness though, being a real life superhero is a great way to get your ass kicked. Rumor has it Nostrum lost an eye while fighting crime.


about 15 years ago

"What the heck is this, man?  This ain't Easter!"

Thanks for posting that ironic1.


about 15 years ago

That reminds me of this article that ran in Rolling Stone last year...



about 15 years ago

Well said, dizzo. Just one of many absurd "crime fighting" tidbits to come out of the city I grew up in. When I was in high school, the cops arrested an old lady for re-metering (putting more money in someone's soon-to-expire parking meter). Maybe the Shadow Hare and his team should be assigned to parking ticket duty.

In all seriousness, though, Cinti has a really backwards police force that encourages such vigilante schemes, which usually amount to the white people keeping an eye on the black people. A few years ago, a couple (White) Citizens On Patrol questioned my brother as to what he was doing in the majority-black neighborhood where he lives. I've been similarly questioned by police officers themselves. Point: "superheros" are delusional and/or fascistic.

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