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Google Goes to Twin Ports – The Movie »

I’m interested in hearing comments about this video shot in Duluth. Do you think it portrays our city fairly? Does it make you want to visit Duluth? What do you think?

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Low’s Key to the City of Duluth »


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Bye Bye Plaza »


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R.I.P. Gangsta/Ghetto Spur »

Well, that was the word that I heard From my brother in a fur hanging out at the Gangsta Spur He said, “it always begins behind The Twins they trade a bottle a gin for night full of sin.” -Giljunko

Tonight is your last chance to patronize the infamous Gangsta/Ghetto Spur. It will soon be razed and a new SA will be built farther back toward the alley.

The GS joins its fallen brethren Johnny Ray’s Pizza, House of Donuts, Members Cooperative Credit Union and others I’m probably forgetting. Share your memories in the comments.

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Okay… »

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R.I.P. Steve Kramer »

Steve Kramer of Wallets fame dead at 59.

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low>>p.o.d. »

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Since Boing Boing linked to it… »

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Samesies »


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The Doctor is in and He is 11. »

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Low and Uncle Jesse? »

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Alan Unplggd »

“>Amsterdam Acoustics – Alan Sparhawk (LOW) : Amazing Grace from macoustics”>AMSTERDAMACOUSTICS on Vimeo.

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Blowin’ In The Wind »

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Robert Plant Covering Low »

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Knee High By The….. »

Happy 4 July.

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Thank You Friends… »

photo via-Sixxjy

Liver check, 1-2-3, check, check.

Thank you Duluth. You continue to amaze me with your support of this crazy festival. I mean seriously, how many towns throw an event like this and receive such amazing support night after night, venue after venue. This is a special place we live in.

I would like to especially thank the organizers that slog away at making it happen, the volunteers that make it work, the bands that make it all possible and finally the fans, without who it wouldn’t happen. The biggest thank you should go out to the venues that let us take over and the under-appreciated janitors that have to sweep and swab up after you slobs.

So here’s till next year. Thank you Homegrown.


crew jones @ pizza luce
Photo via-WMS UpNorthMN

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Tour De Scene »

Happy Homegrown everyone! Just a quick note to let you know I will be playing the radio documentary Tour De Scene that was produced by The Current. It is a one hour show about Duluth and our wonderful music community. So tune into KUMD at 5pm if you haven’t heard it already.

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Where in Duluth? »

Is this?

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Stuff I Like. »

This is the first in a series of posts about things I like. I’m hoping it will spur others to write about things they like. So let’s get started.

1. My bad ass cruiser bike.

I inherited the frame of this Country Roads cruiser bike from an old tenant. It was missing the wheels but was otherwise in most excellent shape. So I took my newfound friend to Bryn the bike wizard and he decked it out with some new wheels, pedals and a tuneup. It was a great bike to ride but the gearing was not so Duluth friendly so I mainly pulled it out for special occasions like the Cruiser Bike Poker Rides we had way back in 2004. Some of you may remember the beating my knee took after a fall I took racing Dusty Olson up a Lakewalk hill.

After that accident my bike spent a couple years in the garage, sadly neglected. So this glorious spring I thought maybe I should get that bad boy out and about. I took it to Ski Hut and inquired about changing the front sprocket to something a bit more geared to our terrain and they delivered in a most awesome way. I am now able to tool up the hills in a seated position for the most part and we have become best friends again.

After a few rides I realized the only thing keeping this from being the sweetest bike in town was a basket. Hello Google! After some searching I found just the perfect thing. The Wald 157.

The Giant Delivery basket is one of the most enduring and iconic products in our catalog. Popular among messengers and paperboys (feel free to ask your father or grandfather about this noble profession), this basket is designed to carry large loads thanks to its stout legs, cargo bands, and heavy duty handlebar clamps. Three holes are provided at the bottom of the legs and spaced at 13.25, 14.25, and 15.25 inches (measured center-to-center of bracket pin to axle mount) to provide multiple mounting options.

No more sweaty backs from my overstuffed backpack, this baby will hold a couple bags of groceries and a 12 pack if you ask it to. Care must be taken with a full load as the steering gets a bit wonky but it is doable. Mainly I am picturing my basket loaded down with some beach towels, a growler, a frisbee and some extra layers for those cool Park Point nights. Man, I love this basket.

So there ya have it, stuff I like, a cruiser bike and a vintage wire basket. Watch out Duluth!

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