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Sign of Spring: Infants at Wildwoods

Infants are here!


This is Wildwoods’ third grebe in two days!

Spike, Dakota and Friends of Wildwoods at Blue Lake

Fox21 tells the story:

DULUTH – Some Northlanders celebrated Earth Day, one day early on Sunday, by raising money for Wildwoods. Art for Our Wildwoods kicked off at the Blue Lake Gallery in Canal Park donating 20 percent of the Gallery’s proceeds to the rehabilitation center. “We rescue injured wildlife including lead-poisoned eagles, animals hit by cars, window strikes and we’re also here to educate the public on wildlife issues,” Erica Erickson, vice-chair of the Wildwoods board, said. The event also featured three special guests, a red-tailed hawk, a porcupine and a hognose snake.

The event would not have been possible without the contributions from The Cupcake Lady, Positively Third Street Bakery, Townsquare Media (our radio partners KOOL 101.7), our silent auction partners Applebees, Duluth Grill, Grandma’s, and Cantonese House. Thanks, too, to the immensely hard-working volunteers.

Re-Nesting the Owlet

Wildwoods got a call about baby owls on the ground …

Wildlife Rehab Report, 2012

We report the numbers of animals rehabilitated to the state every year at Wildwoods Rehab.

New Education Rabbit at Audubon Center for the Northwoods

We at Wildwoods are good partners with the education mission of Audubon Center for the Northwoods in Sandstone, MN. The staff there are warm, welcoming, and supportive, and have occasionally taken an unreleasable wild animal and given it a meaningful life as an education animal. Like this gal:

Five month old doe Netherland Dwarf and Lop mix. She will be representing a Eastern Cottontail rabbit since they do not tolerate captivity. She will be making appearances in MN Mammals, Animal Signs, and the Minnesota Wildlife evening program.

You have until end of day December 11th to submit a name for their new education rabbit. Visit their FB page for more info: http://www.facebook.com/AudubonCenter

Wildwoods’ Bowling for Bobcats

Wildwoods hosted Bowling for Bobcats at Skyline Lanes.  Thanks to the dozens of friends and families who joined us in celebrating our Wild neighbors and in raising money for Wildwoods.

Eagle in Need

From the director of Wildwoods:

Thanks so much to P and M, who brought this wounded bald eagle down from Cook this evening, after she’d been hit by a car. Thanks to them, she has a chance. She needs a ride to the Raptor Center asap; please call us at 218-491-3604 if you can help. Pictures courtesy of N, who helped in the care of this bird.  Please “share” this; let’s find this bird a ride. Time is of the essence to save her wing. Thanks! – Wounded bald eagle 10/13/12

What amazes me is the quiet dignity with which eagles carry themselves even in times of injury and great pain.

Wildwoods Updates: Of Sandpipers, Squirrels, and More

The pectoral sandpiper released in this series of photographs was found injured up the north shore, was transported to Wildwoods where triage examination led to a referral to the exotic vets at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in St. Paul. The sandpiper was driven to St. Paul (on a car already headed that way), and cared for at WRC. When it was back to normal, it was loaded back onto a car headed back to Duluth (its other occupants filled with State Fair goodness), transported to Wildwoods, and eventually returned to Erik, who took these amazing pictures of his release.

Raven in distress

This raven has a sad story. He was hopping around on the ground as a fledgling when he was “saved” by well-meaning people, who then kept him in their chicken coop for the next 2 months. They finally brought him in after they released him and he just sat in a tree for 2 days, because he had no idea what to do.

If you find a baby bird, follow the instructions here.

Baby cottontail rabbits at Wildwoods

Baby Bunnies at Wildwoods

Baby Bunnies at Wildwoods

We got seven baby cottontails from two different places in Proctor today.

Various Critters

Mink, or Marten -- I've been told both -- with a spinal injury

Mink, or Marten -- I've been told both -- with a spinal injury

Summer’s long days are the busiest days at Wildwoods. Following on yesterday’s eagle, here is info on other species passing through.

Eagle recovers at Wildlife Rehab Center

Eagle, injured

Bill and Fran found this beautiful but emaciated mature eagle in the bushes. It had blood in its mouth. The eagle was brought to the Wildwoods rehab location for help with what appears to be lead poisoning.

Make Way for Ducklings: Vintage Duluth to Forest Hill Cemetery

Yesterday, Wildwoods volunteer Kate VTB was shopping with Clare and Katherine at Vintage Duluth downtown.

The owner was stroking her shoulder oddly. It seems a duckling had wandered in, found nothing in its size, and had lost track of its mom.

Kate leapt into action, calling the licensed rehabber for advice. She needs to be released into a pond, Kate was told. A hat-box was prepared with holes for air, tender goodbyes made, and we were off.

Squirrel begins life of hard labor … via Wildwoods Rehab


This is Delilah, our developmentally delayed grey squirrel. We normally don’t pet the animals in our care; we need to keep them as wild as possible. Delilah is a bit “special,” so we love her up.

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