Make Way for Ducklings: Vintage Duluth to Forest Hill Cemetery

Yesterday, Wildwoods volunteer Kate VTB was shopping with Clare and Katherine at Vintage Duluth downtown.

The owner was stroking her shoulder oddly. It seems a duckling had wandered in, found nothing in its size, and had lost track of its mom.

Kate leapt into action, calling the licensed rehabber for advice. She needs to be released into a pond, Kate was told. A hat-box was prepared with holes for air, tender goodbyes made, and we were off.

The Duckling was lazily taken to Swenson Science Building at UMD, hoping that the man-made pond would be home to a duck. No luck. Then to Bagley, where it was released into the pond when a pair of other ducks called out to it. But once it swam its way to the pair, the duckling was rejected — harsh squawks and sniping bites. The little guy hid in the reeds at the edge of the pond, frightened for its life. It took the crack team of anxious duck-rescuers 15 minutes to find the little guy. (I was there, watching, wishing I’d brought a book to read.)

Off, next, to surprisingly duck-free Hartley. Another phone call to Wildwoods, and finally, the duck rescuers were off to Forest Hills Cemetery.

There, a mother duck with eight ducklings became a mother duck with nine.

There was much cheering. A phone call back to the Vintage Shop to tell her that everything went smoothly. Thanks to her for doing the right thing — keeping the little guy warm, not feeding him, and so on. Thanks to Wildwoods for the advice, and thanks to Clare, Katherine, Kate and their quiet, yet strikingly handsome chauffeur for the 2.5 hours it took to complete the rescue.



about 13 years ago

Yay David, Kate and Clare!!!


about 13 years ago

Great story with a happy ending! Hurrah!

Bad Cat!

about 13 years ago

Yay for duckling savers!
(however, the duck probably fell from a nest on the roof of the building - happens every year and will continue to do so until someone watches for nests up there and moves them)


about 13 years ago

That wasn't the owner of Vintage, that was Carrie Mohn.  Then she found another duckling on Superior Street that was also rescued!


about 13 years ago

Best news all day!


about 13 years ago

Thank you to David, Kate and Clare and to Allicia at Wild woods Rehabilitation for helping me get the duckling to a safe place!

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