This is Wildwoods’ 3rd grebe in 2 days!

Grebes are getting stranded on wet streets and parking lots, thinking they’re landing in a river or a lake. Once down, they’re in trouble, as they cannot take off from land but must do running water starts. Also, those feet, set far back on their bodies, are made for diving, not walking. So, without help, grebes who mistake a wet parking lot for a lake are doomed.

This was one lucky grebe! Alec rescued her and brought her to us, and she had no injuries. After we checked her over and she bit us a few times, Kelly took her off to Brighton Beach to release her into the lake near lots of other grebes. Happy swimming, little grebe, and stay off the tarmac!

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about 7 years ago

I think I scared a grebe into flying away -- on the side of Superior St. near Chester Creek -- or is it Amity?--near where the red Sedona-looking rocks are...walking-by guy and I (driving-by) approached it and it took off - with difficulty -- and finally flew must have seen the cat carrier I had! Close call -- it was close to traffic -- thanks to those nice drivers who stopped for this event!

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