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Leo Seltzer’s Transcontinental Roller Derby in Duluth, 1937

Seltzer's Roller Derby Duluth 1937

Two years after the term “Roller Derby” was trademarked, Duluth hosted a bout.

Duluth’s first double-header roller derby

If any of you missed the Harbor City Roller Dames first double header and Women’s Flat Track Derby Association sanctioned bout at the DECC, you missed some amazing roller derby action (twice as much as usual).


Saturday was Rollerdame action — at least for the last half of the game. The Harbor City Roller Dames A/B teams were divided, one team to represent Superior and one to represent Duluth. For the first half, the game was played in increments, as each skater would score 4 points, then call off the “jam.”  So the game progressed in inches until about the half.

Roller Derby Results

Last night, at Hodgins Berardo Arena in Coleraine, on the Iron Range, there was roller derby action.

Grand Rapids, which like Duluth now fields two derby teams (the Attackonites and the Iron Range Maidens), struggled valiantly against the dual powerhouses of Harbor City Roller Dames’ Shipwreckers and Nautikills. Last time, I got tagged by the Dames for talking too much trash (c’mon, I grew up watching wrassling, cut me some slack), and I didn’t even see this bout, so I’ll let someone else do color commentary in the comments. Little help, please?

Women’s Flat Track Derby News

The WFTDA is excited to extend full membership status to 22 additional leagues today, following their successful completion of the WFTDA Apprentice Program. The new Class C members can now enjoy the benefits of full WFTDA membership, including competing in sanctioned games and being eligible for rankings.

This group includes two leagues in Japan and one in Columbia, the first leagues from Asia and South America to achieve full member status. The WFTDA already has full member leagues in North America, Europe and Australia.

Congratulations to:   Harbor City Roller Dames, of Duluth, Minnesota, USA


The Rollerdames crushed Fargo! (Those ND gals skate with their shoulders instead of their feet!)

Demolition (Roller) Derby

The Harbor City Roller Dames smashed the the Dagger Dolls at the DECC’s Pioneer Hall, last night — by more than 100 points.

Piggyback Bandit in Duluth?

Sherwin Shayegan — the Piggyback Bandit — was spotted in Duluth Saturday night! Friday he was banned from All Minnesota High School sporting events after creeping at high school games in St. Cloud Thursday and Minneapolis on Friday. Saturday night he was at the DECC! There was a guy creeping on our group as we were saying our goodbyes after the Roller Derby bout. One guy said something to him and he dashed off. That’s when we recognized him.

Roller Dames “Heartbreakers Brawl”

Hello there friends and fans! Harbor City Roller Dames are inviting you to an evening of tough love on Feb. 19 at World of Wheels Skate Center in Superior. We will be hosting our Heartbreakers Brawl, a roller derby mash-up of Valentine’s Day and classic 1980s heavy metal. For the first time ever, it’s HCRD against HCRD as we split up into two teams for the night: Motley Cupids vs. Stuns N’ Roses!

Roller Derby at the DECC

Watch your favorite Harbor City Roller Dames as they take on the Paper Valley Flyin’ Squirrels of Appleton, WI in the last home bout of 2010! Special halftime performance by Madill Dance Studio.

Roller Derby Saturday Night!

Saturday, Sept. 18, 6pm
Duluth Entertainment Convention Center, Pioneer Hall

Duluth Does Derby!

Duluth Does Derby

Did you know? Duluth/Superior has two women’s flat track roller derby teams!

HCRD – Harbor City Roller Dames
DSRD – Duluth Superior Divas

Last Saturday, skaters from MNRG, NSRG, FMDG, the TC Terrors and Milwaukee Schlitzkrieg all got together for an exhibition bout at Wessman Arena.  Pirates vs. Ninjas was a success!

Congrats to DSRD on their first event!

IF you are interested in participating, you can find information on each of the teams’ respective web sites. Potential skaters, refs and volunteers are encouraged to come. All skill levels are welcome – they can teach you!

The sport is growing fast! With this kind of action, a full bar and great local music during halftime, it’s no wonder!

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