Roller Derby Results

Last night, at Hodgins Berardo Arena in Coleraine, on the Iron Range, there was roller derby action.

Grand Rapids, which like Duluth now fields two derby teams (the Attackonites and the Iron Range Maidens), struggled valiantly against the dual powerhouses of Harbor City Roller Dames’ Shipwreckers and Nautikills. Last time, I got tagged by the Dames for talking too much trash (c’mon, I grew up watching wrassling, cut me some slack), and I didn’t even see this bout, so I’ll let someone else do color commentary in the comments. Little help, please?



about 11 years ago

The Iron Range is Minnesota's toilet and the Roller Dames treated them like one. They got owned like a bunch of punks. Have you ever seen entire families cry? Well, I did! Saturday Night! Fans leaving early. Probably to get their children drunk before bed so they will sleep better knowing they live in the roller derby land of failure. The Iron Range players skated like they had been strip mined for their motor skills. In conclusion, Duluth rules and with Michelle Bachmann leaving all focus will likely turn to the shame of this area and their pathetic excuse for a roller derby team.

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about 11 years ago

Not the help I was looking for, but hilarious.


about 11 years ago

@TheKujawa +1

@rhetoricguy Thanks so much for asking! Here is a link to some photos if you are curious about play-by-play action. 

Tim Verthein's photos: Iron Range Maidens vs. HCRD Nautikills 5

It is linked to the Harbor City Roller Dames Facebook page. One photo of the score board shows 100-250, although, I am not sure if that is the official score. We rotated many of our solid jammers including Norwegian Squirrel, Pathojen, Jilly Willy, Whoremine Granger and myself. We had dynamic defensive lines to hold back those pesty opposing jammers to create a few natural grand slams (a team goal). They enabled HCRD to keep a nice lead throughout the game. The Iron Range Maidens sure didn't hand us the win easily though. They countered by giving our players some hard hits. 

Hope this helps!


about 11 years ago

Oh...and if you want to get really, derby nerdy, there is archived live-stream from the entire bout. Supposedly, they claim to have had over 1,000 folks listening live from their stream on Saturday night.

The Roller Derby Radio Network Show

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