Saturday was Rollerdame action — at least for the last half of the game. The Harbor City Roller Dames A/B teams were divided, one team to represent Superior and one to represent Duluth. For the first half, the game was played in increments, as each skater would score 4 points, then call off the “jam.”  So the game progressed in inches until about the half.

(The halftime show was the Crunchy Bunch, who are awesome because they always play one of my favorite songs of all time.)

After the half, we started to see some energetic derby. The full event can be found here, in the archives, along with interviews with Dames like SoKo Rebel. The final score was anyone’s guess and the ending, a thrill to watch.

I didn’t write the total down, but let’s just say, the city councilman from the smaller city was right — next to Duluth, this night, they were Superior.

The best reasons to go to a Dames event is the nexus of cool at the event. First and foremost, the Dames themselves are always invested in awesome — the partner charity was Mentor Duluth. The game was opened by the chair of the city council in Superior and the hippest Mayor ever. Killer Cletah was also prepping her awesome zine, Minerva, this weekend.

In the audience, I ran into Chris Etheridge, who is prepping for the pre-election candidate forum on October 22. I saw Heather Bastian, who is prepping a public lecture on writing for Friday.  I saw poet and performance force Amy Clark, who was taking a night away from her work with Renegade on Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.  I saw all the cool dudes.

And I saw some nice roller derby.



about 11 years ago

@rhetoricguy: Thanks for your continued support of HCRD and local roller derby! It was great to see you Saturday. 

In other news; we announced to our fans last Saturday that the Harbor City Roller Dames have become full WFTDA (which is like the NFL for football teams). In lieu of this great opportunity, our team will need to continue to recruit new talent and skilled skaters. We are holding an event tonight to hopefully interest more local ladies in the sport of roller derby as well as fed our fans delious food from our sponsors! Check out our FB event listing if you'd like to join us:

Lastly, I'm very proud Team Superior lived up to its name on Saturday night; final score 146-175!


about 11 years ago

If you missed last Satuday's action, or even if you didn't, you can catch some roller derby action tonight at 6pm at the Lower Chester rink (15th Ave E and 7th St). The Dames will be scrimmaging one another but have allotted plenty of time to answer your derby-related questions and also to enjoy the food that's being provided for everyone from great sponsors like Grizzly's, Pizza Luce, and the Whole Foods Co-op. Family friendly, and free!

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