Duluth’s first double-header roller derby

If any of you missed the Harbor City Roller Dames first double header and Women’s Flat Track Derby Association sanctioned bout at the DECC, you missed some amazing roller derby action (twice as much as usual).

The first bout was between the Harbor City Roller Dames “B” team the Shipwreakers and the DeRanged Rollergirls from Ely. It was a neck to neck bout but Harbor City’s newest track stars pulled ahead with the win. Notably, our newest jammer, Lady Gotcha, was one of the strongest jammers and was able to give HCRD the lead in the second half. Final score was 220-197.

In the second bout, HCRD’s Nautikills took on their arch-nemesis the Fargo-Moorhead Derbygirls. Fargo-Moorhead was on its game and defeated HCRD with a large point spread of -185 with numerous powerjams handed over the them in the first half of the bout. HCRD did their best with some newer skaters and losing starting skaters like Janet Smackson, Jilly Willy, and GhostWhirled this season. Final score 301-116.

Losing to Fargo really bummed me out until a teammate of ours posted this to our group: “From the stats and scores the morning after a bout, you’ll see our WFTDA debut last night placed us at the #99th ranking out of nearly 200 teams on Flat Track Stats, outranking neighboring teams such as Babe City, Mississippi Valley, Mid State, even those Sioux Fallz Roller Dollz. In the 100th spot: North Star Roller Girls. Fargo Moorhead is approaching the Top 40 at #45.”

This is something HCRD should be proud of accomplishing this weekend.

Moral of the story is losing sucks but if you are going to lose, lose to a good team and give them a good fight. I think HCRD accomplished that on Saturday night.

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[email protected]

about 8 years ago

Woot!  I am proud of the dames!

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