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Duluth Art Institute seeking volunteers

If you love art and want to get involved in your community, why not become a Duluth Art Institute volunteer? The DAI is currently seeking individuals to assist in its galleries and to help out with its docent program. Visit the website to learn how you can help out.

Duluth Product Photographers

Does anybody out there in intraweb land know a good product photographer in Duluth? I have some small parts I need shot for a catalog, nothing too fancy. Compensation is negotiable. Athankyou!

Minion. We need another minion. Are you minion material?

We need a another minion! They keep disappearing into the basement. Raven & Associates, Inc., a promotional products company (we sell stuff with your name on it) right here in Duluth, is looking for another talented, skilled, and charming individual to be part of our customer service team. We are a growing company, a great place to work, and very odd.

Here’s the basic info on the job: Full-time customer service. Hourly wage beginning at +$10 per hour, flexible scheduling, retirement benefits and partial health insurance. Previous experience working in an office environment (you know, with computers), background in art, and interest in outdoors preferred.

For more info, call Dave at 740-2769 or drop me an email at dave @ We are now located in a creepy old theater at 319 N. Central Ave.

Soldering and/or electronics wizard wanted

I’m looking for a person knowledgeable in the fine arts of soldering and/or electronics to either commission, or better yet, apprentice under. Teach a man to fish, y’know?

I am an artist and ummm … musician new to the area looking to expand my arsenal and meet up and work with like-minded folks. I have a few specific projects in mind but lack the cognitive capacity for such wonderful crap. Basic synth kits. Circuit modification and highly liquid midi kits are on my mind … Google em.

Prefer to trade work, food, art or any other supplies before cash. I can also do cash.

Lake County DAC looking for program asst.

Please see our website for details regarding employment.

Local Chocolate?

I’m in a bit of a quandary; I’m hoping y’all can help!

Long story short, I need to send a gift to a friend overseas. My go-to gift is baked goods — her normal present was gluten-free banana bread. But my friend recently developed a fructose intolerance along with both lactose and gluten intolerances (oh, the horror, right?) That means the bananas in the banana bread are right out.

That leaves me with very limited options. What I’d really like to find is some locally made chocolate, the darker the better. Does anyone know a local store (within MN and WI, anyway) that makes delicious dark chocolate that would survive being shipped to Germany? Or, does anyone have any better ideas on things to send?

I’d appreciate any help I can get!

Film festival seeking volunteers

Do you like film, music and art? How about free tickets to movies, bands and art exhibits?

The Duluth Superior Film Festival (formerly Sound Unseen International Duluth) is looking for volunteers. The festival runs May 30 through June 3, 2012 and consists of film, music, and art events.

Overseas Travel

My 19-year-old daughter will be traveling overseas in March. Other than Mexico, this is her first out-of-the-country trip. I have limited out of the country travel experience and instead of instilling my fears of “what could happen” I want to offer her my support and well wishes.

Although she is in the military, this trip to Italy is for pleasure. She is fortunate in not having to worry about lodging as she will be staying with a friend. Her friend is also Air Force and lives off base.

Tidbits of advice I have so far is to make copies of passport and leave one at home or when using check card or credit card may get you at an acceptable rate but you may be imposed with fees.

Recommend travelers checks? What about using her current cell phone or ditch it for a pay as you go phone once she gets over there? Any advice appreciated!

Democracy Help

I believe in being an active participant in our republic, but I’m also lazy. My usual decision making process is to read the statements candidates submit to the League of Women voters, but it doesn’t look like the Duluth chapter is active (at least not this year, and at least not on its website). Does anyone know where I can find cheat sheets on the city council and school board candidates? I can find endorsements from labor and political parties, but I’m trying to make up my own mind … in the quickest and laziest way possible.

Musicians Wanted

Tribal Alchemie (a Duluth tribal fusion belly dance troupe) is seeking live musicians to collaborate with in an improvisational dance/music fashion. Music/instrumentation can be very diverse … gypsy/balkan, middle-eastern, funk, electronic/trance, lounge, what-have-you. Serious inquiries only. Must be available to rehearse a couple times a month. Email ziolatribal @ This is gonna be fun!!!

Car Air Conditioning Service – Help!

I’m in search of a remotely cheap air conditioning service and recharge on my 2007 Chevrolet Aveo. It stopped working about a month ago during that one really long, hotter-than-blazes-every-day week in which I had to drive 50+ miles every day … and I’m taking a few trips to the Twin Cities in the next few weeks, so it would be lovely to have working AC again.

I’ve called Midas in West Duluth and Arrowhead Amoco, and they are both charging upwards of $100. Does anyone know of anywhere with good service that would be any cheaper? Thanks in advance!

Ecolibrium3 hiring AmeriCorps positions to assist Duluth Energy Efficiency Program

Looking for an opportunity to serve the community? Ecolibrium3 has announced it is hiring for three Americorps positions, to start Sept. 16. Submissions are due by August 25.

Job opening at the Duluth Art Institute

The Duluth Art Institute is accepting applications for an operations-development manager.

To apply: email a cover letter, resume, and three professional references to Samantha Gibb Roff, executive director, Duluth Art Institute, 506 W. Michigan St., Duluth, MN 55802 — getart @

Please no phone calls.

East Hillside Patch seeking director

East Hillside Patch Program Duluth

East Hillside Patch, a nonprofit organization, is seeking a program director.

Duluth locations for a first birthday party

I need a location idea for a first birthday party. Something affordable, with convenient parking, able to handle around 30 people (adults and small children). I’m looking for something unconventional, yet realistic.

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