Car Air Conditioning Service – Help!

I’m in search of a remotely cheap air conditioning service and recharge on my 2007 Chevrolet Aveo. It stopped working about a month ago during that one really long, hotter-than-blazes-every-day week in which I had to drive 50+ miles every day … and I’m taking a few trips to the Twin Cities in the next few weeks, so it would be lovely to have working AC again.

I’ve called Midas in West Duluth and Arrowhead Amoco, and they are both charging upwards of $100. Does anyone know of anywhere with good service that would be any cheaper? Thanks in advance!



about 13 years ago

Honestly, it's something you can do yourself with a recharge can from an auto parts store.  I'd just follow the instructions carefully, and give it a try.  If that doesn't work, then you can start looking at a service station.  The $100 they quoted you likely only includes visual inspection and a recharge, which you can do yourself for $20 or less...


about 13 years ago

Honestly, I spent a good chunk of time calling around about a month ago to get our forester's ac charged. There aren't a whole lot of places that do it, but the cheapest I could find was at Allstar Service Center on Central Entrance. It only took about 45 minutes. Friendly service too. I think it cost us around $70-80 bucks.


about 13 years ago

I just got my Ford Frocus' AC recharged at Oliver's in Superior. It was $65 for the kind with the dye, since I think there's a leak. It was worth not having to bother removing the tires and all that jazz to get at the input spot.


about 13 years ago

Gary @ 4th St Auto. 

fair and reasonable. he won't do any work unless you say so...and he's Adventist, so honesty is more than just a tagline.


about 13 years ago

I'd go to Advance Auto Parts or some other parts store and try the can first.
Hopefully that would get you going.  If the a\c isn't working next summer bring it into the shop.

[email protected]

about 13 years ago

Ditto on Gary for all your needs.

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