Duluth Product Photographers

Does anybody out there in intraweb land know a good product photographer in Duluth? I have some small parts I need shot for a catalog, nothing too fancy. Compensation is negotiable. Athankyou!


Nick L

about 11 years ago

I first hired Jeff Frey & Associates for industrial photography back in the mid-1990s and used them for projects almost every year since.  Jeff's got the studio for this sort of work (conveniently across the hall from Lake Superior Brewing).  He's also good on location.  I once hauled him to a parts yard in a Hibbing mine dump and the parts photos were great.   

Jeff's the only person I've hired for parts shoots.  I've worked with many more excellent photographers here.  Derek Montgomery, Fitz Photography, Jack Rendulich and Amanda Hansmeyer are four I've worked with recently.  All projects were portraits and locations.   I'm sure they can show you industrial examples.


about 11 years ago

Jeff Frey did the photos for Pak's Green Cuisine and they are INCREDIBLE. And he's a nice man.


about 11 years ago

+3 Jeff Frey.


about 11 years ago

Thanks everyone, I'll shoot him a message.

Lawrence Lee

about 11 years ago

Jeff Peabody does good work and did the photography for Pak's Green Corner. He also did my daughter's grad photos and he won best photographer in the Northland in a recent poll. Good guy. He's starting a new studio with Kathryn Nordstrom.

Claire, you're thinking of Jeff Peabody, not Jeff Frey.

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