Minion. We need another minion. Are you minion material?

We need a another minion! They keep disappearing into the basement. Raven & Associates, Inc., a promotional products company (we sell stuff with your name on it) right here in Duluth, is looking for another talented, skilled, and charming individual to be part of our customer service team. We are a growing company, a great place to work, and very odd.

Here’s the basic info on the job: Full-time customer service. Hourly wage beginning at +$10 per hour, flexible scheduling, retirement benefits and partial health insurance. Previous experience working in an office environment (you know, with computers), background in art, and interest in outdoors preferred.

For more info, call Dave at 740-2769 or drop me an email at dave @ goravengo.com. We are now located in a creepy old theater at 319 N. Central Ave.



about 5 years ago


I love you like a brother.  Well, maybe more like a distant cousin, but you get the idea.  I'm asking this with affection, and I am asking:  Is it possible that you could hold on to minions a little longer if you could pay them some more?  

I'm not talking about destroying your bottom line, or doing charity work, I'm just wondering if you might save some funds in the long run and create more value if you could hold onto people long term.  Then again, I don't totally understand the advertising industry (or more succinctly, I have no idea what I' talking about).  And, maybe you are growing and people start at minion-level wages and work their way up.  

I did not know that was a theater.  Central Avenue is kind of happening right now, isn't it?

Barrett Chase

about 5 years ago

The building that Raven operates from was originally called the West Theater. In the '60s, it changed its name to the Duluth Theater and then the Duluth Spirit Valley Theater. It initially showed second-run movies before switching over to blockbusters, and ended its life as a theater in 1981 when it mainly showed porn.

The building stayed vacant throughout the 80s and as a kid I always wished it would reopen to show movies. That never happened, of course, but I'm glad it's no longer vacant.


about 5 years ago

JP - Thanks for the love, or fondness one would show a distant cousin and know that it is reciprocated! As a company and a family, we are working hard to grow the company and raise wages. It is one of our core goals and principles. We want to be a company that you can not only enjoy working at but also can support a family on.  

I work with the best folks. The best. If they leave for a better job or another opportunity, I am really happy for the time that I had with them and am happy for their success. 

Barrett - before we moved in and starting working on the building, it actually housed the Quilters Coop for a quite a number of years. I think that they were actually only closed a matter of months before we purchased the building. 

I would love to find pictures of the exterior and interior of the building in it's hey day. They are really hard to find.


about 5 years ago

The lobby was vacant. The apartment upstairs is bada$$. Projection room, etal. The seating area is storage. Curious little building.

Barrett Chase

about 5 years ago

I was aware of the Quilter's Coop, but I left it out of my comment because I thought I'd been going on too long. I guess it was a little confusing.


about 5 years ago

Hey PDD-ites - 

It looks like we have garnered a veritable cornucopia of applicants. We have stopped accepting resumes for now. I'll let you know who the lucky minion is! 


Paul Lundgren

about 5 years ago

Here is a photo Roger Nesje posted on the West Duluth Memories Facebook page. It's from October 1982.

Paul Lundgren

about 4 years ago

And here an older photo by Roger Nesje, from Sept. 15, 1977.

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