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Awesome second annual Bike to Work Day with Mayor Ness

Great event, fun ride and good job to Healthy Duluth for making it happen!

It was great to see former Congressman Oberstar, Mayor Ness and a whole pack of cyclists rolling down to Valentini’s!

Well aren’t you Mr. Popularity, Mayor Ness?

[This post originally contained an embedded video that is no longer available at its source.]

And to think that only yesterday you were a hate monger.

Note: KARE 11’s approval rating drops after failing to correctly spell the names of Jason Wussow and Peter Passi.

Don Ness Gregnam Style

This was part of Rubber Chicken Theater‘s holiday sketch comedy revue A Flood of Christmas Cheer, which was performed in December. The sketch parodied the “Gangnam Style” Korean pop song and viral music video that has inspired uncountable memes. The premise of the Rubber Chicken bit was that cast member Greg J. Anderson’s new dance was sweeping the Twin Ports and this video was his proof. Even Duluth Mayor Don Ness was doing it!

Mayor Ness giving key to the city to Wilco

The video is a tiny bit out of order, with Ness giving the band the key to the city in the beginning. Wilco talks about wanting the key later in the video. Ness drew one or wrote it on a sheet of paper. He was then hoisted up and made his way to the stage to give the key to lead singer Tweedy.

It was a nice family friendly show, but Wilco seems to have difficulty writing hooks in its songs. Good band and entertaining, but I am not sure what they think about all the local love. We may be coming off a little clingy.

Duluth’s Mayor Ness: Cooler by the lake

“Duluth’s youthful chief executive is bringing fresh energy and, yes, a sense of hipness to the port city.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune: “Duluth’s Mayor Ness: Cooler by the lake

Stage Diving Mayors

[This post originally contained an embedded video that is no longer available at its source.]

I forgot to mark my calendar, but yesterday was Trampled by Turtles Day in both Duluth and Minneapolis. Here’s Don and RT Rybak crowd surfing at First Ave last night after making the proclamation.

We are opposed to the notion that you are the first to be unopposed, Mr. Ness

At least one news organization reported yesterday that Mayor Don Ness is the first Duluth mayor to be unopposed in an election. Well, it’s not true.

Mayor Ness is indeed the only mayor in the past 126 years to go unopposed, but Maryanne Norton at the Duluth Public Library has found three Duluth mayors in the 1800s who were unopposed.

Sidney Luce was elected unopposed in 1872 and served one term.

Dr. Vespasian Smith was elected twice with no opposition — in 1873 and 1874. (Mayors served one-year terms until 1913, when the current four-year system began.)

Horace B. Moore was elected unopposed in 1885 and served one term.

Don Ness interviews Skeeter Moore in 1986

Regretfully, this video has been removed from YouTube.

“Cities Go Gaga for Google Fiber”

Catching up on some of my favorite tech blogs this morning and found this familiar face headlining a post on Gizmodo

Duluth, Minnesota
But wait! Patrick Garmoe, public information officer of the Google Twin Ports Initiative laughs sheepishly as he explains Googlefest, an event that is one part rally, one part carnival and all parts enthusiasm for the promise of Google Fiber. In the midst of bands, choirs and other entertainment, “We’ll be shooting a movie with real actors and a Hollywood director and live-streaming the event to impress Google,” Garmoe says. The new initiative comes on the heels of Deluth mayor Don Ness’s own stunts. In a spoof video proclamation that in honor of Google, all first born males would be henceforth named GoogleFiber and first born females would of course be Googlette. Also, he literally sunk to a new low in the brutal battle for business. He jumped into the freezing waters of Lake Superior. Hizzoner, perhaps you’ll be deterred from further lunacy by these extremely gnarly Google Image results for “frostbite.”

[Google Twin Ports]

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