Don Ness interviews Skeeter Moore in 1986

Regretfully, this video has been removed from YouTube.


Shane Bauer

about 12 years ago

Awesome. I got a tour of Amsoil Arena from Skeeter Moore two days ago - even awesomer.

Bad Cat!

about 12 years ago

D'aaaawwwww little Donny is so cute!

Mike H

about 12 years ago

Funny shit. Donny hasn't changed a bit!


about 12 years ago

This is great. A TV natural!


about 12 years ago

Leave Skeeter Alone! Leave Skeeter Alone!

Ahhhh memories

about 12 years ago

I remember he (Skeeter, not Donny) came to my second grade classroom. Awesome.

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