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Sacred Heart Experimental Tuesday

Sacred Heart Music Center

* 7 p.m. – Tim Kaiser

* 8 p.m. – Rivulets

* 9 p.m. – Sight Like December


Skywalkin’ in Duluth in 2009

Short video through a part of the Duluth Skywalk.


A number of Minnesota’s finest, including Baron Von Rashke, Kenny “the Sodbuster” Jay and Duluth’s own Lenny Lane are featured in the movie Jobbers, due out later this year.

Great Music Saturday at Beaners

John HermansonThis Saturday two of my favorite musicians, Danny Schmidt and John Hermanson (of Storyhill, Alva Star, and The Hopefuls), will be playing in the round with third artist Chris O’Brien at Beaner’s Central.

Go check them out; pack the place!
Cost: $15 (for three FANTASTIC musicians)
Showtime: 8pm

Zen Identity @ The Cove 1991

The complete Zen Identity @ The Cove 1991 concert can be found on my YouTube Playlist Channel here: . 

Feel free to leave comments and carry on the discussion about this great band at that location.



lots of shots from around here

We\’re Here, We\’re There, We\’re Anywhere

Classic Duluth TV: Mr. Toot and Captain Q

For your enjoyment, clips of the Mr. Toot and Captain Q kids’ shows from — I’m guessing — the early 1960s on what was then WDSM, now KBJR.

Best parts: The starstruck kids introducing themselves to Mr. Toot at the beginning (Peggy, we heard you already!), and Captain Q’s parrot (Angus Mc—–?) helping him pitch Arrowhead milk.

Thanks to YouTube user NorthlandSports, who has posted a number of other vintage Duluth TV clips, including the 1975 KBJR newscast that was featured a few weeks back on the Attic.

oh noes!!!

probable unemployed actors attempting to act afraid of the gays

see a snippets of the horrendous auditions for the “storm of gays” video.

Resonance: The Odyssey of the Bells from 7-9PM on April 29th

You are invited to attend a screening of the documentary film
Resonance: The Odyssey of the Bells from 7-9PM on April 29th hosted by the Alworth Institute.
Please mark your calendars and forward this invitation to others. This screening is
part of the Alworth’s “International Lecture” series.   Resonance shows Duluth in a positive light as it highlights
the city’s efforts after WWII to mend the scars of the war and re-humanize a former enemy through the return of a centuries-old Buddhist temple bell considered sacred to the Japanese.  Discussions will revolve around how a historical documentary like Resonance acts as a reminder of how citizen action plays a crucial role in restoring positive relations with former enemies in the wake of war.

A 30-minute version of Resonance will be screened and followed by director Q/A.

Where: UMD Montague Hall 80 Directions
When: 7-9 PM  4/29 A reception will follow the event.
Cost: Free and open to the public
Sponsored by the Alworth Institute

Resonance: The Odyssey of the Bells
Resonance tells the forgotten stories of two sacred Buddhist temple bells that survived the scrap metal drives of WWII only to be taken by the US Navy as war trophies and given to the cities of Duluth, Minnesota and Topeka, Kansas.  In the decades following the war the difficult process required to return these bells reconnected two nations that had been torn apart by war.  For Duluth, the return of this bell forged the connection with Japan that later inspired the prosperous Duluth/Isumi Sister City relationship and Peace Bell in Enger Park.

Project History – Project Goals
The documentary film Resonance is built on research conducted in America, Japan and Great Britain.  After learning of over five bells brought to the United States after WWII, a story emerged that focuses on the Duluth and
contrasting Topeka bell story.
In the fall of 2007, a 10-minute excerpt of the film was aired on Twin Cities Public TV in conjuction with Ken Burns’ “The War.” The 30-minute version of the film is an official selection at the 2009 Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, April 15-28th.
Resonance will be entered in national and international film festivals and seek broadcast on both American and Japanese public television.

Support Resonance
Building on the success we’ve had in Minnesota, the next steps for this project are distribution in North America and finishing funds to make edits/hire narration for Japanese public television.  Tax-deductible donations can be processed at the screening on April 29th, or click here to donate online.

Visit for further information.


Paul Creager

Young Goodman Brown – “Runnin’ Down a Dream”

Thought this might be a good day for a little fun since it sucks so bad outside. Here we have the last known video by the band Young Goodmann Brown … doing their version of Tom Petty’s “Runnin’ Down A Dream.” This is it, I have no more video featuring these boys. However, I do have an entire 1991 performance by a great little band called Zen Identity … taped in the spring of 1991 at the Cove Cabaret. Anyone interested in that?

UMD Bulldog Hockey Bootleg Video

This is the only Internet video I can find of the amazing UMD Bulldog hockey victory over Princeton. It includes the final minute of regulation, featuring the tying goal with 0.8 seconds left. (It does not include the game-winning overtime goal.)

can’t wait for the A.L.B. to start-up

Aerial Lift Bridge

More “from Duluth to Balad” Showings

If you missed it the first time, find out what all the hubub is about, and tmicroposteralk about the economic future of our town-3 more showings with Q+A:

Tuesday March 24th, 6:30 PM, College of St. Scholastica, Tower 1121

sponsored by Amnesty International at CSS

Wednesday March 25th, 7 PM, UWS, Old Main 316 sponsored by SDS

Wednesday April 29th, 7 PM, Superior Public Library

sponsored by Grandmothers for Peace

for more info (and to see the movie online, see

Thrills, Spills and Chills: Chester Bowl Wipeouts

I shot this on Sunday, the last day at Chester Bowl for skiing/snowboarding. I’m still trying to dry out my kid’s snowboard boots.

This is mostly the crashing and burning, and to be fair, most of the skiers made it across just fine. But really, who wants to watch that? Success is boring.

Summer or winter, Chester Bowl is the best.

Chris Monroe on National TV

OK, well, I am too, but if you’ll notice around the 50-second mark (and many other times) you should see a Monroe print in the background. So when you mention her name, be sure to say “Chris Monroe, an artist who’s work was featured on national television” …  although I’m sure her work has appeared on TV many a time.

Geeks on HGTV

(And why can’t I embed Facebook videos?)

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