You don’t bring a gun to a snowball fight

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Does anyone feel like throwing snowballs around 1 at Lake and Superior today? Just don’t bring any guns.



about 14 years ago

It does not seem like a good idea.

Bad Cat!

about 14 years ago

This really helps dissuade the belief that cops are testosterone-fueled power junkies.
What a dipshit...

De man

about 14 years ago

"What are you going to do? shoot the sky?!"


about 14 years ago

WWIV will be fought with snowballs.


about 14 years ago

[3:59] i reckon that cop thinks its funny, detective.


about 14 years ago

Um, what's more of a threat to public safety?  A friendly snowball fight or you stopping your dumb ass Hummer in the middle of the road in a snow storm?


about 14 years ago

2-dimensional cops like this are the type of people that will be fighting in WWIV.  Civilian deaths have rose by 40 percent from 2007 - 2008 in afghanistan.  I am sure with the smart well informed marines headed there that we can count on that number decreasing.........realize this Republican Vs. Democrat = Facade.

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