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David Sedaris coming to Duluth

Sedaris to stop in Duluth for reading, book-signing | Duluth News Tribune

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Celebrate with Ellie Schoenfeld

The public is invited to celebrate the release of Ellie’s new book: “The Dark Honey: New & Used Poems,” published by Clover Valley Press.

When: 7-8:30 p.m. Thursday, May 28

Where: UMD Library Rotunda (4th floor), 416 Library Drive, Duluth.

Free parking.

For information, call 218-525-4552 or visit www.clovervalleypress.com

The New Boy Scouts


Uses for the Honking Tree


Mayor Bolen of Two Harbors will be convening a public meeting tonight at 6 p.m. at the Two Harbor Community Center to discuss ideas for using the remains of the Honking Tree.


‘Honking Tree’ on CBC Radio

The sad story of the “Honking Tree” got national media play in Canada last night on CBC Radio’s “As It Happens.” I’m not sure if the segment was included in the edited-down version of the show that airs on MPR.

The tree segment is a few minutes in; you have to wait through a couple of other segments.

Weather report


About 4:30 Tuesday in the Kenwood neighborhood.

Spaghetti dinner & silent auction benefit

When: Friday, May 8th

Time: 5-7pm

Where: Mr D’s 5622 Grand Ave. Duluth

What:  fundraiser for the Kari Hart family

Many of you know the Hart family. They are such a blessing to so many people and have always been willing to help others in need.
Kari was diagnosed with Gall Bladder Cancer and so far medical bills have exceeded $400,000. Terry has missed half his workdays to care for Kari since January 2008.
There will be a Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser at Mr. D’s along with a silent auction. There are 100’s of items to bid on in the auction including a Cirrus Disign scenic flight for three! Suggested donation for the dinner is $10. I hope you can come!

just a few other gifts and certificates:

Healing Hands Massage, Superior
Burger King
The Shack Supper Club
Duluth Grill
Athlete’s Foot
Alicia Ligman Pampered Chef
Carlson’s Floor Center
The Reader
Keyport Liquor
Grandma’s Saloon & Grill
and so many more!

For more information or to donate call:
Robin: 218-391-3077

Donations may be sent to:
Kari Hart Medical Fund
215 N. 40th Ave. W.
Duluth, MN 55807

Arrowhead Journey – Erik Simula – 1000 mile canoe journey

Arrowhead Journey 1000 Mile Canoe Journey

Arrowhead Journey 1000 Mile Canoe Journey

While on a hike this afternoon with my dog near Grand Marais I met Erik Simula on a unique canoeing journey.  Erik is a Duluth native and he is in the midst of a 1000 mile Minnesota canoe journey spread of the next 3 months. The journey started in Grand Portage on earth day April 22nd and Erik will paddle and portage his way from Grand Portage to Duluth to Grand Rapids to International Falls and back to Grand Portage in time for the 2009 annual rendezvous on August 7th. O’yea….BTW…  All in a canoe he made by hand and with his paddling partner dog Kitigan.  Click Here for the details of his trip on Erik Simua’s blog. Good Luck Erik!

See a couple more pictures I took during my brief conversation with him on the shores of Lake Superior as he landed on shore to camp due to the poor wind conditions and rough seas for paddling. Hopefully he will be in Duluth within the next week or so!! Here is the url to his web site: http://arrowheadjourney.wordpress.com/

Your chance to say thank you

Another great Homegrown Music Festival – it’s absolutely amazing to see the talent that we have in town.

Homegrown would not be possible without the efforts of a lot of people working throughout the year, behind the scenes, to make it happen.  Paul Connolly, who has been festival director over the past two years has done a great job.  Paul Lundgren, Adam Guggemos, and all of the volunteers who contributed deserve our thanks.  And of course happy birthday and thanks to Starfire for giving life to the festival.  Remember to frequent the venues who support original live music throughout the year.

If you had a good time this week, take a moment to write a note of thanks for those who made it possible.

No no no


I am feeling bad for repeating the rumor that Two Harbors High School students cut down the “honking tree” as a senior prank.

Lilly’s closing weekend!

Don't Let Yourself be Held Back!

Don't Let Yourself be Held Back!

Where are Duluth’s Protectors?

Cincinnati gets caped crusaders and we don’t?

Come on people! Let’s see some Duluthians on this registry!

Honking Tree Mystery

Please add to our soon-to-be rejected police procedural script:

Someone has cut down the beloved tree just outside of town. The tree is famous for being saved from ruin when the big highway was put in years ago. People came to like the tree and honked at it as if it was welcoming them into their town. Some even say it would wave back. It became known as the “honking tree.”

Scene of people gathering at cut tree, offering stories, memories. Some tears. Very folksy small-town scene where everyone seems to know everyone with a strong sense of community.

Enter our detective heroes. They talk to the cops, who say they’ve spoken to all the usual suspects and haven’t come up with anything.

HG’09 Experimental Tuesday Photos

HG’09 at the Blue Crab

Experimental Tuesday?

this was no experiment



Hey, it’s another Homegrown show! With a gimmick!


This one has a fashion show, from Rachel Hart and Apron Elegance.