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From the Ripsaw Archive | June 1999


Ten years ago, cartoonist Israel Malachi poked fun at Duluth City Councilor Marcia Hales for pushing an ordinance that made it a ticketable offense to play a car stereo loud enough to be heard 50 feet away.

Perfect Duluth Domestic Partnership

The city of Duluth opened Domestic Partnership registration yesterday (apparently nobody showed up). You can find info & forms here.

Helpful American


“Injured protests are confirmed to be being removed from hospitals and taken away.” [ ]

Proxy Info | Anonymous Iran | Tehran 24 | Tatsuma’s Iran Update
Green Brief 6 | Green Wave Info | Hackers Without Borders

Chris Raabe wins Grandma’s Marathon


Here’s Chris Raabe with a half-mile lead passing Ironic1’s house. He’s the first Minnesotan since Dick Beardsley to win Grandma’s Marathon! Yowza! It was a hot one out there.

Where will you hide this weekend?

With the impending Grandma’s Marathon, where is the best place to hide?

Father’s Day

animal dads

Some father’s day notes …

I read this great book (above) to my daughter at the dentist’s office yesterday. Working with fathers for my “real” job, I notice these things like how medical offices are decorated and set up, many are very friendly to mothers (great), but some are a little daunting for dads (too bad). It’s wonderful that in addition to providing great quality and accessible health care, the Lake Superior Community Health Center also makes an extra little effort like this to make dads feel comfortable and welcome at their kids’ appointments.

I read a lot of books for kids and adults about dads, this book was really great I had never seen it before. I think it would make a good father’s day gift for a dad of school age kids, or one who appreciates crafty art like Steve Jenkins’ paper cut images in the book ….

My proposal: Superior-to-Skyline Run

It’s Grandma’s Marathon week, so runners will be flooding into town for the long, rolling race along the shore of Lake Superior. It’s an iconic setting and an iconic race.

I’ve wondered a few times since moving here, though, if there should be another iconic running race in Duluth, one that celebrates another facet of Duluth like Grandma’s celebrates the lake. My proposal: A run from the shore of Lake Superior to the top of the hill. Call it the “Superior-to-Skyline Run.” Short, simple and steep. Let’s start crowning Duluth’s Kings (and Queens) of the Hill.

RIAA In Duluth


Ars Technica coverage of the trail can be found here.

You Gotta Go

It’s quilters vs. poets in the ultimate face-off in Duluth. This weekend, see the po-po-poetry take on the stitch-stitch-stitchers in what promises to be a fight to the death. Watch as quilting bees are disrupted with spoken word jams with gangs from each side rumbling over the merits of hands-on artistry vs. word assembly. It’s tactile vs. fragile. Quilts against quatrains.

It all starts Thursday when the heavyweights of QuiltCon and PoCon square off. Beatrice Ludden takes on Rainbow Star. Val Struthers takes her needle against Will Strom’s pen.

It all leads to the ultimate showdown Saturday night when the machines take center stage for an inhumane stand-off: Stitcher 2000 vs. Thesaurus Rex. Be there as lines and threads are crossed with any means necessary to come out on top.

It’s all at the DECC, and in the alleys after dark. Take a stitch in rhyme and see this mixed arts extravaganza melee. Limited engagement, only in Duluth.

Honking Tree Commentary on MPR

Like many North Shore residents, commentator Catherine Conlan had come to see the 113-year-old white pine as much more than a tree.

Farmers Market at UMD

Farmers Market at UMD
UMD Kirby Plaza Bus Hub
LOCAL Produce, Music and Artisans!

Kako Foundation Benefit


Perhaps you saw the article in the DNT a year ago about Rudy Perrault’s 16 year old cousin, Kako, who was brutally murdered in Haiti, after being kidnapped after school on his way to his grandmother’s house. The silver lining to this heinous act, is the KAKO Foundation, a music education program that has already begun in Haiti, with plans to eventually be established in the Twin Ports. The 2nd Annual Haiti Worthy Cause Concert will celebrate this emerging Foundation with great music and food – and, will celebrate Kako, a beacon for us all.

 Sunday May 1, Chester Park United Methodist Church
3 PM, Program
4:30 PM Haitian Dinner

Monkey with a Tool Belt Day

cv_0822576317According to today’s Duluth Tribune, today is the second annual Monkey with a Tool Belt day (there was a first?).

Local author/artist/target of much local adoration Chris Monroe will be at Marshall Hardware today signing copies of her book. Apparently there will be hot dogs, root beer, and prizes. It’s unknown if any monkeys will be there.

For your consideration…


Just want to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding the “mystery barrels”.  The Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa out of Bayfield, WI have secured over $1 million from the Department of Defense to remove about 70 of the barrels for testing.  PDF here of the 2008 MN DOH “Health Consultation” regarding the barrels.  Link here to Nukewatch’s compendium on barrel research including a full collection of local news releases on the subject.

Please share this info with friends and neighbors.

Stimulus Watch-Duluth projects total $413,263,980

I’m hoping the crater-sized pot hole that nearly swallowed my car on a recent trip to Kohls (Sundby Road) falls under MSA street reconditioning. I realize the Lift Bridge takes a lot of paint, but $5,000,000 worth? That’s crazy talk.