From the Ripsaw Archive | June 1999


Ten years ago, cartoonist Israel Malachi poked fun at Duluth City Councilor Marcia Hales for pushing an ordinance that made it a ticketable offense to play a car stereo loud enough to be heard 50 feet away.

Here we are, a decade later, and pretty much no one remembers this silly ordinance exists.

Recently the Duluth City Council approved ordinances establishing a curfew for minors and banning skateboarding in Canal Park. I’m hoping some night I’ll see a kid in Canal Park blasting Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose” and engaging in a manic fit of skateboarding.

By the way, is there a companion ordinance stating that more efforts should be initiated to “attract and retain young professionals” now?

Anyway, I’ll keep singing the virtues of Duluth. Councilors, you go ahead and keep proving me wrong. I mean really, did you learn nothing from Footloose? Nothing at all?



about 15 years ago


The way canal park is going it will soon attract the geriatric crowd. 

I hear they're thinking about tearing up the lake walk in favor of light rail from the Lakeshore community on London right into the Grandma's parking lot. 

Very smart move by city leaders if you ask me. With a huge retiree boom on the horizon they're just planning for sustainable long term growth of the city. 

Think of the marketing opportunities for "Grandma's"!

chris m

about 15 years ago

I'm hoping the new ordinance will just make it more fun to skateboard in Canal Park.


about 15 years ago

I remember when that happened because the same week the Harleys were in town. Thhose things are  real quiet.


about 15 years ago

Until further notice, all Canal Park references will be Anal Park references. I'm sick of this BS. Welcome to Santorum-ville, jerks.

Todd Gremmels

about 15 years ago

I think that a kid skateboarding in town at the wrong time should be flogged along with the Harley Driver that is running with no baffles.


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