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Some father’s day notes …

I read this great book (above) to my daughter at the dentist’s office yesterday. Working with fathers for my “real” job, I notice these things like how medical offices are decorated and set up, many are very friendly to mothers (great), but some are a little daunting for dads (too bad). It’s wonderful that in addition to providing great quality and accessible health care, the Lake Superior Community Health Center also makes an extra little effort like this to make dads feel comfortable and welcome at their kids’ appointments.

I read a lot of books for kids and adults about dads, this book was really great I had never seen it before. I think it would make a good father’s day gift for a dad of school age kids, or one who appreciates crafty art like Steve Jenkins’ paper cut images in the book ….

If you buy it, even online, be sure to tell the book seller how great it is that they are selling a book portraying accurate information about fathers. I’ve heard that many more women buy books than men do, so publishing is a little skewed towards selling books to women. More demand for these things will get more authors and illustrators working on this kind of story, hopefully, anyway.

Also, I got a call about a news release that came out today saying that dads are clearly spending more time with their kids these days, that is awesome news for everyone, huh? It’s true, more schools, doctors offices and other official types are seeing what so many of the rest of us already live: More and more dads today insist on being a part of their kids lives and have made family time a priority. (I recognize that this is not true in every family, and I know that can be very sad, I’m working on helping to change that, though, and a lot of other people are, too.)

As for father’s day, please come out to visit us at

the 9th annual
Boyz II Dadz Father’s Day at the Zoo
from 10 -2 on Sunday.
(Free admission for 1st 200 people)

It is free and you have probably seen ads for it here, maybe even on this page view. That is because PDD has generously signed on as our sole media co-sponsor this year which leaves us more money to pay for dads, moms kids and everyone a chance to enjoy the zoo together that day. It is a great ad and has generated a lot of interest/clickthrus for the event. Thanks again PDD.



about 11 years ago

Oh Silly Goose!

I forgot what I was going to say about animal dads.  I talked to our zoo handler today and she told me that the Zoo staff are putting out special informational placards about all of the interesting things that dads in the animal kingdom do, kinda like in the book.

Also, they will have extra special "enrichment" treats for animals, these are things like special toys or paper mache animals filled with raw meat and other entertaining things for animals which should make them very happy or curious that day.  The animals, that is, not the zoo handlers, they are always very happy and curious.


about 11 years ago

Note: from the facebook site it's only free for the first 200 people, so don't be suprised if you have to pay if you are late.  May want to edit the original post to mention that.


about 11 years ago

Thanks Jeff.  I fixed that in the post.  Also, please note that we usually have funds for more than 200 people, depending on other costs, etc.  For example, last year it was nearly twice that.  So if it's noon on Sunday and you're wondering if there are still enough tickets ... there probably still will be.  We get in as many people as we can.  And we don't ask for id's or low income or any of that because that can be awkward for folks to have to explain how broke they are on father's day ... or any day for that matter.  But that may be a topic ofr another post.

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