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So I’m finishing work tonight and my friend says, “meet me at the Brewhouse.” I tasted a flight of three and ordered the dopplebock. The drink coaster just made it too easy for me.

St. Paul Beer Fail

Great American Beer Festival Awards Winners 2015

Don’t get me wrong, I love St Paul, but it appears as though the judges have spoken.

From the Great American Beer Festival, Duluth takes two awards!

To me, it’s gotta be extra special bitter. (How often can a drink coaster be mightier than the billboard)?

  • Silver – Double Porter | Bemidji Brewing Co., Bemidji (Baltic-style porter)
  • Bronze – Lonely Blonde | Fulton Beer, Minneapolis (English-style summer ale)
  • Silver – 14° ESB | Bent Paddle Brewing Co., Duluth (extra special bitter)
  • Silver – Procrastinator Doppelbock | Fitger’s Brewhouse, Duluth (German-style doppelbock or eisbock)
  • Silver – Pumpkin Grinder | Mankato Brewery, Mankato (pumpkin)
  • Silver – Size 4 | Steel Toe Brewing, St. Louis Park (session India pale ale)
  • Bronze – Firebrick | August Schell Brewing Co., New Ulm (Vienna-style lager)


West Duluth Pizza Hut

So I’m on the way home two weeks ago and sitting at the traffic light in on Central and Grand thinking I’m having some strange wish sandwich, déjà vu flashback episode. I know the post-traumatic Pizza Hut syndrome can be resurgent, but I swear they took the sign down months ago. Am I crazy?

57th Avenue Roadway / Flood Reconstruction Video

The flood of 2012 left its mark on Keene Creek, Highland Avenue and 57th Avenue West in West Duluth. This relatively boring video was shot a few days before the roads were closed and one day after completion of the summer-long, 11-million-dollar reconstruction project. Let’s take a rip from Grand Avenue to Skyline for some before/after video.


A few fundamental questions on the on the Chester Ski Jump Memorial Plan City of Duluth RFP.

Is not art, true art — spoken, written, painted, sung, or mixed media — an expression of that which comes from places that are intangible or elusive? i.e.: from within, a collaborative, the Netherlands, the proverbial Vibe?

Yes, the history of a place, lived out by a people is vital — I get that (and the real magic still is to have been there and lived it out) — however, most of us probably don’t have that benefit.

But a request put out on an RFP – a bid – along with city hall upgrades and roofing repairs not only diminishes the call, but is the antithesis of artistic inspiration. Just my opining.

West Duluth Save-a-lot closing

It’s like losing a family member in a stupid way – we got to know the employees and we relied on them for the basic staples.

Save-a-Lot in the Spirit Valley Mall is closing. It sounds like the owner is retiring. Maybe another franchisee will take it over.

Best Twin Ports Dining Deal Rooms

Can the PDD faithful help me find some private dining “deal room” options in the Twin Ports?

I’m tapped out on my short list of places to broker deals with customers and vendors. I often need to have a quiet area for two to six people to conduct business over a working lunch.

Some deals are very casual and low key, some not as much. Some are software demos and require a screen and projector — these are not very high-brow affairs, so …

Serve me up some critiques on food, atmosphere, memorable experience and privacy please.

Art (class) becomes reality?

My wife and I were having the usual musings on current society over dinner last night. We were barbecuing and she still had on her iconic McIlhenny Company Tabasco Sauce apron at the table.

Somehow the conversation turned to the smocks we had used in art class as fourth graders. These were the brown, excessively thick vinyl ones that were festooned with others’ clay frustrations and misguided painting experiments.

As I pondered this, of course my mind wandered to how this could fit into a business opportunity. The thought of mega retail in America came to mind, and the image of the stereotypical subculture of the unmentionable Walmart shopper we all know and shun — those who still find Zubaz a viable fashion statement and forgot to not sleep in their Crocs last night.

That’s it! Smocs! (Say it whilst tilting the head slightly and gurgling like a 1940’s radio character.) It could be the next huge retail trend — and not just a short-lived fad, but addressing a real need to promote the lifestyle shall we say by averting those unnecessary food droppings that mark up clothing, etc., and allowing a whole generation to sleep in their clothes for weeks on end.

Rubberized industrial Smocs in bright colors for any occasion could make for an excellent business opportunity. Might even globally increase the sale of pressure washers as well.

Free Bees

My wife and I are trying to paint the house this year and have discovered a substantial carpenter bee nesting area under the eve. We don’t want to have them exterminated because we love these nice bees. The hive is inside the sofet and are accessible to the right bee charmer.

Can anyone recommend a bee keeper who wants to relocate these pleasant bees?

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