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My wife and I are trying to paint the house this year and have discovered a substantial carpenter bee nesting area under the eve. We don’t want to have them exterminated because we love these nice bees. The hive is inside the sofet and are accessible to the right bee charmer.

Can anyone recommend a bee keeper who wants to relocate these pleasant bees?



about 12 years ago

Perhaps ask the extension service, or UoM etymology dept for referrals? (both are easily google-able)


about 12 years ago

Contact the Northeastern Minnesota Beekeepers Association.  They have a facebook page.


about 12 years ago

Thanks for the advice !!

Les F

about 12 years ago

I always thought carpenter bees were considered destructive (when eating into the boards on your house) and not "friendly," to me honey bees would be considered friendly. If I am mistaken can someone enlighten me?


about 12 years ago

I'm not a professional, but here's what I see on swarms --

Bad Cat!

about 12 years ago

It's awesome that you're looking to relocate, rather than just exterminate the bees!


about 12 years ago

Carpenter bee vs. Honey bee: I think I'd choose to be a Honey bee Queen.... 

The honeybee works in a colony to take care of the young. The carpenter bee is a solitary bee.

The female carpenter bee has the ability to drill through wood and build a nest. A group of honeybees looks for a sheltered location such as a hollow tree to develop its colony.

In a honeybee colony there is a queen, who makes the eggs; a sterile female worker bee, who takes care of the young; and a male drone, who fertilizes the queen.

Because female carpenter bees take care of their own young, all adult females can reproduce.

A new honeybee queen will mate with a number of drones before flight. She will establish her new colony with a group of worker bees.

The adult female carpenter bee comes out of hibernation in spring to mate with the adult male. She then builds a nest in woody material to lay eggs.

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