Best Twin Ports Dining Deal Rooms

Can the PDD faithful help me find some private dining “deal room” options in the Twin Ports?

I’m tapped out on my short list of places to broker deals with customers and vendors. I often need to have a quiet area for two to six people to conduct business over a working lunch.

Some deals are very casual and low key, some not as much. Some are software demos and require a screen and projector — these are not very high-brow affairs, so …

Serve me up some critiques on food, atmosphere, memorable experience and privacy please.


Jennifer McKay Paro

about 9 years ago

Restaurant 301 in the Sheraton Hotel has a private dining room that's just off the restaurant. They have well priced breakfast and lunch menus and the room is free to use with food purchase. The hotel is very business orientated in its decor and leaves a great impression on clients.


about 9 years ago

Zeitgeist Arts Cafe has a private dining room with a great view of Lake Superior and a mounted flat screen that you can use for presentations.


about 9 years ago

Grandma's Canal Park has a table located in an old freezer (it's in the way back of the restaurant). Maybe not professional, but sure would leave an impression!


about 9 years ago

Z's Deli now has a back room that is very nice and available for private meetings.


about 9 years ago

We recently held a small employee planning meeting in the conference room at Valentini's.  We ordered off the menu and got great service.  The room was definitely private.  I don't remember there being any technology available, but we didn't need any, so I didn't really pay attention.  I would say the room would hold 10-15 comfortably, and it had a private back entrance.

We plan to go there again for our next retreat, for what it's worth.

the Midnight Taco

about 9 years ago

Thanks for the suggestions - didn't know about most of these. The walk-in freezer seems a little extreme / old school to me but it probably worked for the late Mr. Paulucci.

Robert Brown

about 9 years ago

How Sweet It Is Cakes, we have two conference rooms with seating for 6-8 in one and up to 20 in another with sandwiches on fresh-baked bread, soup and baked goods. Order ahead and we can have it waiting for you.


about 8 years ago

New place in Morgan Park, Iron Mug.  We have been using it for community meetings.  Nice size room for about 15 people, basic tables.  They offer sandwiches, pizza and great coffee and Bent beer and wine.  No fee just purchase minimum.  Check it out.  No frills, bring your own technology.

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