Dios Mio – “Shit Life”

Featuring the infamous “Pervertible” van, before it was fully perverted.

Livin’ the dream, baby.

The Danielson family’s 400-foot zip line

Right here in Duluth, Minnesota.

You might recognize Darren Danielson as co-host of WDSE-TV’s Almanac North program.

Maria Bamford grew up in Duluth, “where we got a library shaped like an ore boat and cinnamon rolls the size of your head”

New clip from Twin Cities Public Television’s “MN Original.”

Gov. Tim Pawlenty on the Daily Show talking about his undersized schtick

Above: Part one. Below: Parts two and three.

Karl Spring interviews Alex Giuliani at Clyde Iron Works Restaurant

This video has been removed from YouTube.

Clouds Over Rice’s Point

Time-lapse video of clouds drifting over Rice’s Point in Duluth during a roughly one-hour period.

“Notice that each dies a swift death as it reaches Lake Superior,” the videographer notes on YouTube. “No convection, no cloud. That water is cold in May!”

Don Ness interviews Skeeter Moore in 1986

Regretfully, this video has been removed from YouTube.

The Boomchucks – “Good News / Bad News”

Directed by Rich Narum. Digital animation by Saša Kološnjaj.

Video Archive: A Sunday Afternoon Walk on Central Avenue in West Duluth, circa 1940

This is the Helgeson family after church services on a Sunday in roughly 1940. They lived at 911 Central Ave. The parents are George and Rose. Their sons are G. Lewis, Robert, John and Paul.

Retribution Gospel Choir – “Workin’ Hard”

New video from Duluth’s hardest working band.

“The Process” and Nathan Ness

Duluth native Nathan Ness appears in the new film The Process, which premieres March 20 at the Suburban World Theatre in Minneapolis.

Duluth’s Maria Bamford as Mayor Kadoody on The Sarah Silverman Program

The Sarah Silverman Program Thursday, 10:30pm / 9:30c
Victory Speech
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Minnesota Mama street-skating in Hibbing

The Cold War

CBS News’ Bill Geist travels to Embarrass, Minnesota.

Perfect Duluth Day’s Best Videos of 2009

Best Videos of 2009

It’s like watching TV, only smaller, choppier and more frequently produced by amateurs — here it is … Perfect Duluth Day’s Best Videos of 2009.