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Video Archive: Fred Tyson & the Tysonettes – “Pop that Thang!”

May 7, 2011 — Freddie Tyson and his beautiful backup singers perform “Pop that Thang” at Pizza Lucé during the Homegrown Music Festival.

Video Archive: Fred Tyson – “Free Man”

Circa 2007, Fred Tyson performs “I’m a Free Man” at the Red Lion Lounge … and forgets most of the words.

Merry Christmas from Fred Tyson



Tysonette Auditions

Go in depth with Fred Tyson as potential Tysonettes audition for the coveted role. Video by Tomas Soderberg.

Fred Tyson & His Tysonettes perform at the Red Herring Lounge on Saturday, May 2, at 10:45 p.m. during the Homegrown Music Festival.

Fred Tyson – “Free Man”

Sometimes larger creative projects beget smaller ones. Here is one such instance. Submitted for your viewing pleasure, a music video for Fred Tyson’s “Free Man,” captured on a cross-country road trip while shooting for the feature film Half Super. What’s captured in the tag at the end can only be explained as the late-night result of three guys punch-drunk from a dozen days together in a small car. Enjoy.

Oh, and Fred has no idea about this. So happy birthday, Fred! What?? It’s not Fred’s birthday you say? Nonsense, every day is your birthday when you’re Fred Tyson!

Fred Tyson Sex Workshop

Duluth’s own father of sex, Fred Tyson, presented his Sex Workshop Friday night during Homegrown at the Rex Bar. His fast footwork, velvety voice and magical smile brought concert goers on a sexual journey not soon to be forgotten.

Fred Tyson – High as a Mother!

Fred Tyson Doing What He Wants to Do on Madeline Island

Good luck on the Howard Stern Show, Freddy.

Oh hell no! Fred Tyson on Howard Stern?

There is a rumor going around that Duluth’s own Fred Tyson is flying out to New York City to be on the Howard Stern Show next Thursday.

Apparently he’s one of the final three in some sort of contest to become a new member of the Wack Pack, which is a collection of oddball personalities that appear on the show semi-regularly.

This ought to be interesting.

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