Fred Tyson Doing What He Wants to Do on Madeline Island

Good luck on the Howard Stern Show, Freddy.


Duluth exile

about 11 years ago

Freddie came in last.

Howard said he was too normal.  Robin said he was too intelligent.

Freddie said that if he won the $5k award, he would put it in a bank.

Someone - Bababooey? - said that was too responsible.

Freddie probably was the most normal of the four.  But they didn't give him much of a chance.


about 11 years ago

Yup, he sure did come in last: didn't get one vote.  I tried to explain on the Howard Stern Wrap-Up Show with Gary Dell Abate, but there wasn't too much to say.  Fred was not on his game.  In fact, I haven't heard Fred that coherent and "normal" in many years.


about 11 years ago

They should have gotten Fred drunk and stoned like they normally do. He might've had a chance then.

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