Fred Tyson Doing What He Wants to Do on Madeline Island

Good luck on the Howard Stern Show, Freddy.


Duluth exile

about 9 years ago

Freddie came in last.

Howard said he was too normal.  Robin said he was too intelligent.

Freddie said that if he won the $5k award, he would put it in a bank.

Someone - Bababooey? - said that was too responsible.

Freddie probably was the most normal of the four.  But they didn't give him much of a chance.


about 9 years ago

Yup, he sure did come in last: didn't get one vote.  I tried to explain on the Howard Stern Wrap-Up Show with Gary Dell Abate, but there wasn't too much to say.  Fred was not on his game.  In fact, I haven't heard Fred that coherent and "normal" in many years.


about 9 years ago

They should have gotten Fred drunk and stoned like they normally do. He might've had a chance then.

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