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Where in Duluth?

Where in Duluth?

Red Optimus Prime in D

Geek Prom 2011 – These are the droids you’re looking for

Geek Prom Poster

Get your Geek Prom tickets early and/or RSVP on the Facebook event page.

Frost/Nixon opens at the Play Ground

Frost/Nixon, starring Jason Page and John Schmidt, runs Feb. 3-5, 10-12 at 7:30pm at the Play Ground in the Tech Village.  Tickets at the door are $10.

Lake Superior Hand Jive

Does anyone else do this? When people ask where I’m from, I often make my hand into the shape of Lake Superior and say, “This is Lake Superior and I live here, at the western tip.”

I think maybe I’m just a tad jealous of the Michiganders (lower peninsula) getting to use their hands as maps all the time.

Coffee with a Lakeview

Lakeview Coffee House viewI have been thinking lately about how much I miss Lakeview Coffee House in Fitgers. It was an awesome spot to spend an hour on a cold, blustery day watching the lake with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. It was pleasant and unrushed.

So, where is a good place to go now with a decent view of the lake where you can get a warm beverage and wile away a couple hours? I’ve tried Va Bene, but it’s a heckuvalot more expensive and they aren’t keen on you lingering. Dunn Bros. lost its lake view after the construction of Edgewater. Thoughts?

Joss Whedon Sing Along – Friday @ 9:30 @ Zinema 2

Come sing along in this double feature from the mind of Joss Whedon!  We’ll start the evening with Once More with Feeling, the musical episode of Buffy.  During the intermission there will be trivia, costume contests, and a special Firefly sing along led by Pat Carroll.  You can also check out the Whedon memorabilia displayed by Lawrance Bernabo.  Then we close the evening singing along to Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog!

The cost for the evening is a mere $9.50 and that includes props for the audience participation portions of the event. You can buy tickets in advance from the Zinema 2 box office or, for a $1 surcharge, on the Zinema 2 website.

London Road Area PDDers

My cat is missing. His name is Cuthbert Burbage and if you see him please contact me, Lawrence, at [email protected] He was last seen near the corner of London Road and 52nd Avenue East around 9:15 this morning. Thanks.

Update: He’s back! My neighbor saw him and let him back into my house while I was out!  Thanks for all who kept their eyes open!

Perfect Duluth Day’s Seventh Anniversary Tofu Raffle

Lithis is the proud winner of the PDD Tofu Raffle.

Overheard at Beijing Restaurant

Old Woman #1: “Do you have waffles?”
Counter Clerk: “No. We’re a Chinese restaurant.”
Old Woman #1: (loudly to friend, apparently hard of hearing) “They don’t have waffles.”
Old Woman #2: “Ask them if they have pancakes.”
Old Woman #1: “Do you have pancakes?”
Counter Clerk: “No. We only have Chinese food.”
Old Woman #1: (loudly) “No. They only have Chinese food.”
Old Woman #2: “Ask them if they have Chinese pancakes.”

The Moon is Down – “My Amazing Kite”

This must be posted for your adoration. Great video featuring Abe Curran and Braxton Baker. Way to go!

Nerd Nite 1.2 – The Ultimate Doctor Who Showdown – The Winner!

Thanks for everyone who voted on the brackets and came out last night to stump for your favorite Doctor. Here are the results:

The Final Four were Jon Pertwee vs. Tom Baker and David Tennant vs. Peter Davison.

The Champion match was Tom Baker vs. David Tennant and Tom Baker prevailed!

Nerd Nite 1.2 – The Ultimate Doctor Who Showdown – Round 3

Round 1 is done and Round 2 is still in voting, but here is Round 3 of the Ultimate Doctor Who Showdown. In Round 1 Sylvester McCoy prevailed over Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston trounced Colin Baker. So here are your brackets now.

Round 3
Bracket # 4
Sylvester McCoy vs. Tom Baker
Bracket # 5David Tennant vs. Christopher Eccleston

Nerd Nite 1.2 – The Ultimate Doctor Who Showdown – Round 2

I’m on a mission to competitively assess the best Doctor ever, March Madness style!

While I tabulate the results from Round 1, here is Round 2. Send your votes to [email protected] and feel free to make your case in the comments below.

Round 2
Bracket # 3Patrick Troughton vs. Jon Pertwee
Bracket # 6William Hartnell vs. Peter Davison

Nerd Nite 1.2 – The Ultimate Doctor Who Showdown – Round 1

Ten go in! One comes out!

For Nerd Nite 1.2 I am going to settle once and for all who the best Doctor is, at least until Matt Smith becomes the Doctor starting April 4. In the spirit of March Madness I have constructed a bracket and have seeded the Doctors based on how many stories aired in their reign.

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