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This week: duct tape, pagans and roller derby on celluloid

Hey there, homegrowners. You recovering?

Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week post-Homegrown on the PDD Calendar.

Tonight all you thirsty pagans can mark the sixth anniversary of a spot that has become an institution here in the Twin Ports in that short time. The Thirsty Pagan is celebrating with music, beer, and specials.

On Tuesday Red Green is bringing his north woodsy DIY humor to Mitchell Auditorium with his “Wit & Wisdom” tour.

On Wednesday you can head to Clyde Iron Works and take in a screening of Brutal Beauty, a documentary about the resurgent women’s roller derby phenomenon. Our own Harbor City Roller Dames are hosting. You can see a preview of the movie here.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know!

Moving to Duluth – First Impressions

A video by Laura Prosser of UMD in which she interviews people about their first day in Duluth.

This week: nerd-in-chief rambles, women are people, country music, networked computers and an inconceivable movie

Here’s a smattering of things listed on the Perfect Duluth Day Calendar this week.

If you didn’t catch our mayor, Don Ness, at the Harbor City Roller Dames bout on Saturday you can hear him talk about “The Walking Subcaucus” at Nerd Nite 16 on Wednesday or have lunch with him at Tycoons on Thursday as he chats with the Chamber of Commerce about his “90 by 20” initiative.

Take Back the Night March is on Thursday because, apparently, this country requires a remedial lesson on women’s rights.

The Teatro Zuccone is being transformed into the Grand Ole Teatro on Thursday featuring some great local musicians playing originals and country covers. Yee to the haw!

If you are in the mood to virtually blow up things there’s a free LAN party at Lake Superior College starting Friday afternoon.

The Princess Bride is at the Zinema 2 Saturday morning so please put your favorite quote from the movie in the comments below.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know!

This week: theater, art openings, severe weather and a second line parade

Here’s a sampling of a few things listed on the Perfect Duluth Day Calendar this week.

Apparently this is the week to open a play. Here’s the skinny:

Yup, lots of theater going on.

Our resident artist here on PDD, Brian Barber, has an exhibition opening at the Duluth Art Institute at the Depot.

Add to that a whole bunch of Earth Day related events going on around the city, including the Gallery Progressive art hop, the “Run, Smelt, Run!” Second Line Parade,  and the Echoes of Peace 10th Anniversary Concert at Sacred Heart.

But wait, that’s not all. It’s also Minnesota Severe Weather Awareness Week. Are you aware? Become aware. That is all.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know!

Where in Duluth?

This is probably a very easy one, but I just noticed this for the first time today. Anyone know how long this has been here?

This week: pylons, quirky history, silent films and beer

You know what they say about there being two seasons in Minnesota. And if winter is over, it must be road construction season. The I-35 Mega Project returns and the city is doing work on Kenwood Avenue and 46th Avenue West. Start remembering all of your alternate routes.

Sarah Vowell (writer, radio personality, and voice of Violet from The Incredibles) is speaking at Mitchell Auditorium.

Also at St. Scholastica is a free silent movie film fest showing Nosferatu, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Metropolis.

The noir play, A Steady Rain, opens at the Teatro Zuccone featuring the very talented Zachary Stofer and Scott Mallace.

And, oh yeah, beer. The Gitchee Gumee Brewfest is back at Wessman Arena.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know!

This week: State of the City, urban chickens, baseball and Joan of Arc

Don Ness

Monday, April 2
Mayor Don Ness presents the State of the City Address at the DECC… for reals this time.

Tuesday, April 3
Learn how to raise urban chickens at the Whole Foods Co-op and get some soup and the bowl it comes in at the 19th annual Empty Bowl Second Harvest Food Bank fundraiser.

Wednesday, April 4
You can see Jim Hall at Thirsty Pagan and still have time to make it across the bridge to see Charlie Parr and Devil’s Flying Machine at Tycoons.

Friday, April 6
Spring is in the air and a young man’s thoughts turn to baseball! The Bulldogs and the Saints both have games today, and admission is free!

Friday and Saturday, April 6 & 7
Hear the classic 1928 silent film, The Passion of Joan of Arc, scored by the Minneapolis band, Zoo Animal at the Zinema 2.

Carless in Duluth

A short documentary about people living in Duluth without cars, either by choice or by circumstance.

Don Ness talks about Un-Fair Campaign on National Public Radio

Mayor Ness was on National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation earlier this afternoon talking about the Un-Fair Campaign and the controversy it stirred.  In case you missed it you can hear the archived version on their website.

You also get to hear host Neal Conan call our mayor “John Ness” at the top of the show. Don was classy enough not to correct him.

‘Un-Fair’ Anti-Racism Ads Draw Mixed Reactions

Not impressed.

Spock is not impressed with the Cascade Park mural.

Spock is not impressed with the Cascade Park mural. Apparently neither are some of the Hillside residents.

Battle for Duluth

I heard this morning about World of Fourcraft which uses Foursquare as an engine for a giant game with teams trying to take over New York City.

So, fellow nerds, why don’t we have this for the Twin Ports? Anyone want to tackle this? Sounds like great fun! Imagine Cakeeaters battling marauding hordes of displaced Trojans. I mean, just the team names would be a hoot!

Something’s Not Quite Right!

This warning greeted me on my browser when I tried to visit PDD just now. What gives?

If you are here because you heard about us on MPR, say “hi!”

This morning around 7:00 am, as I was getting my regular morning fix of MPR News and Cathy Wurzer, I was surprised to hear that Perfect Duluth Day was one of the sponsors. When did we get all respectable? Anyway, thanks to whoever instigated that. I think MPR is a great media resource and I’m glad we’re a part of supporting it.

Where in Duluth?

I guess that would make this “Schindler’s Lift.”

13 – Last Weekend

You may have already read the glowing review of this musical, or heard people raving about it in the DNT or on Facebook, but let me add my own two cents.

Don’t go see this show because you want to show your support for aspiring young talent. Don’t go because you think it’s important to support programs like this that enrich our youth and enliven our community. Don’t go out of a sense of duty.

Go because this show kicks ass. Go to be thoroughly entertained. Go to enjoy yourself. I promise you will be humming the songs for at least a week afterwards.

These young performers in our community are not the “up and coming” talent. They’re already there. Take notes.

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