Nerd Nite 1.2 – The Ultimate Doctor Who Showdown – Round 3

Round 1 is done and Round 2 is still in voting, but here is Round 3 of the Ultimate Doctor Who Showdown. In Round 1 Sylvester McCoy prevailed over Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston trounced Colin Baker. So here are your brackets now.

Round 3
Bracket # 4
Sylvester McCoy vs. Tom Baker
Bracket # 5David Tennant vs. Christopher Eccleston

Get your votes in by the time I finalize my presentation on Wednesday. So, play it safe, and send me your votes now. Just mail them to [email protected].

And then come to Nerd Nite 1.2 Wednesday, March 24, 7:30 at the Teatro Zuccone to see the Final Four you picked and vote for the best Doctor of all time. Be there and be square!



about 14 years ago

I liked Eccleston quite a bit, but he just wasn't around long enough... and mark it this is coming down to Baker vs. Tennant. Tennant for the final win by a nose.


about 14 years ago

Well, it looks like Tom Baker so far is a blowout in his bracket, but it's very tight between Eccleston and Tennant thus far.  Send your votes to [email protected]


about 14 years ago

Voting is now closed!  Thanks for all the input, especially on this last round!  Lots of contention on Bracket #5 and it came down to just one vote.  See who won tonight at Nerd Nite at the Teatro Zuccone and vote for your favorite Doctor in the Final Four showdown.  Doors open at 7:00.

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