Duluth Soo Line Depot

Duluth’s Soo Line passenger depot opened at 602 W. Superior St. in 1910. It was designed by C. E. Bell, Tyrie and Chapman of Minneapolis in the Romanesque style. The depot closed in the 1960s and was torn down in 1972.

“When the Soo Line built the station in 1910 the NP had a lock on the right of way,” Dan West notes on his online index of Minnesota train stations. “The Soo was able to sneak its way in, except for a quarter mile or so where the NP (Northern Pacific Railway) tracks were right up against a solid rock bluff. The line also had to somehow get around the Bridgeman-Russell Creamery. So the railroad tunneled through solid rock under Michigan Street to get to the depot.”

When construction began in 1907, it was for the Wisconsin Central Railway terminal.

“Shortly after excavation began, the Soo Line Railway acquired most of the shares of the Wisconsin Central and took control of the tunneling operations. It would now be the Soo Line Tunnel for the Soo Line Depot,” Dan Turner writes on his blog, Substreet.

Soo Line passenger depot interior circa the 1940s.

Interior view of the depot circa 1944.

Soo Line Depot next to the Duluth Union Depot, circa the 1960s, with a parking lot where the Radisson Hotel was built in 1970, and an open field where the Radisson’s parking ramp was constructed.

This undated image shows the approach to the depot. We know the photo was shot prior to July 9, 1939, which was the last day streetcars ran in Duluth.

Dated 1963, this photo shows the depot with a smattering of “closed” signs.

This photo is vaguely dated “1970?” The building was torn down in 1972 to make way for construction of the Gateway Tower apartment complex, which remains there today.



about 3 years ago

The parking looks like its where the library is.

Paul Lundgren

about 3 years ago

There is an open lot where the library is -- and I think that was a sort of dirt parking lot that sat vacant for a long time while the city debated putting the library there.

But in front of that in the photo is a parking lot that stretches all the way across the image and in front of the Soo Line Depot, so that's northwest of Superior Street where the Radisson sits.

The angle of the photo kind of makes the street in front of the Depot look like Michigan Street, but it's actually Superior Street and the library block in between Superior and Michigan streets is crunched and not really visible.


about 3 years ago

Oh, I get it. Thanks!


about 3 years ago

The perspective of this photo from around 1966 lets you see the location as Paul described and seems to have been taken right in the middle of the transition between how the area used to be and what it looks like now.

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