Duluthians consulted as national resources for bicyclists

Avesa Rockwell and Jeremy Kershaw have been consulted as experts on bicycling in Shape Magazine. Kershaw and Rockwell lead Heck of the North, a company that plans events for adventuresome bicyclists, such as Le Grand du Nord, Heck Bikepacking Race and Heck of the North.

An excerpt:

Bikepacking bags also need to be fitted for your bike, so they can be expensive for first-time riders, says Avesa Rockwell, creator and director at Heck of the North Productions. If you’re on a budget, opt for old-fashioned panniers, Rockwell’s method of choice. You can also strap gear directly onto a rack (if you have one) or elsewhere on the bike frame, like the handlebars or seat tube. To attach items, Kershaw recommends using webbing straps, which are flat, sturdy strips of nylon fabric with buckles. Try: Redpoint Webbing Straps with Side-Release Buckles (Buy It, $7, rei.com). Word of caution: You may want to stay away from using bungee cords, “as they rarely stay secure and have a nasty habit of springing back in your face,” warns Kershaw.

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