On Parents Behaving Poorly

There are a thousand ways to let your inexperienced children get themselves killed before they are old enough to know better. Letting them chase around and harass wild animals such as Canada Geese in Chambers Grove Park is as good as any. Check out this link to why letting your cute little 3-year-old daughter chase 50 wild geese in circles is an all around bad idea before you lose your mind over the stranger advising you against this activity, you silly lady.

Quora: Geese hiss at you, but can they really hurt you or injure you in any way if they peck at you with their rounded bill?

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Helmut Flaag

about 4 years ago

Who am I to judge though? Maybe these are robotic android geese the city has employed for this very occasion, a way to use up the budget surplus now that all the streets and sewer lines have been repaired. Perhaps some bizarre ritual / rite of passage where if your toddler survives her preordained harassment of wild animals, she has passed the test and is allowed meals from then on. You would think these city geese are used to being harassed. Familiar with the drill, and loathe to attack children knowing they could lose their Wonder Bread rights. Just so many variables. From now on, I'll think twice before I step in and try to prevent parents from killing their own offspring.

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