Bust Buy

Clearly the focus on getting every possible keyword into the headline resulted in a typo by the crack Fox 21 reporter, but let’s consider this a happy accident. Bust Buy would be a great name for a discount brassiere shop.

There is also a nice use of Duluth Apostrophe’s on “open’s.” And then where the possessive apostrophe belongs, on Nevada Bob’s Golf, it’s missing. But don’t focus on that. Let’s get back to making millions on the Bust Buy franchise.

Update: If you follow the link and read the story you’ll see the headline has been updated to a more succinct and less error-riddled version: “New Location of 7 West Taphouse Officially Opens.”



about 7 years ago

Cock tans? Or no tan cocks?

Paul Lundgren

about 7 years ago

Good lord, I totally missed that.

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