Fairmount Elementary School Class Photos

Fairmount School at 6715 Redruth St. has served as an apartment building since 1981, but it once bustled with West Duluth kids willing to learn a few things in between cramming gum under their desks and creating general mischief.

The photos collected here are from a few different sources, but most of them were posted to the West Duluth Memories Facebook group by various people.


1949 Grade 1


1950 Kindergarten

1951 Kindergarten

1952 Grade 1


1952 Grade 6

1953 Grade 2

1953 Grades 2 and 3


1954 Grade 1


1954 Grade 2

1954 Grade 4


1955 Grades 2-3

1956 Grades 5 and 6


1957 Grade 3

1957 Grade 6

1957 Group of girls


1958 Grades 5-6


1959 Grade 5

1960 Kindergarten

1961 Kindergarten

1961 Grade 1 – This one had the names of students written on the back. Row 1: Robert Mollison, Patti Hanson, Peggy Duffy, Susan Cornelison, Orville Hansen and Thomas Van Reese. Row 2: Terry Corsin, James Rogers, Peter Camilli, Charles Valentine, Richard Peterson and Frank Norton. Row 3: Lou Ann Johnson, Roberto Churchill, Julie Youngberg, Nancy Paulus, Therese Beaulier, Anne Hicks, Elaine Zigich and Margaret Johnson. Row 4: Mary Jo Florestano, Peggy Woods, Debra Lundberg, Myron Finseth, Scott Patullo, Jonathan Dahl, Debra Sieger and Greg Kellett. Teacher: Mrs. Fonger.


1962 Kindergarten

1962 Grade 2


1962 Grades 5-6


1963 Kindergarten


1963 Grade 1

1963 Grade 2


1963 Grade 3

1963 Grade 3


1963 … perhaps crossing guards?


1963 Grades 5-6


1964 Grade 1


1964 Grade 2

1964 Grade 3-4

1964 Grade 4


1964 Hall Monitors


1964 Grade 6


1965 Grade 2


1965 Grade 3

1965 Grade 5

1965 Crossing Guards


1966 Grade 3

1966 Grade 5

1966 Grades 5-6


1967 Grades 3-4


1967 Grade 4


1967 Grade 5

1967 Grade 6


1968 Grade 5


1969 Grades 5-6

1972 Grade 1

Fairmount opened in 1892, was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1909, reopened in 1910, and closed as a school in 1977. The oldest class photo here is from 1949 and the most recent is 1969. If you have one that’s missing or is in a larger format or better condition than one here, email it to paul @ perfectduluthday.com to add it to the collection, or upload it in the comments.



about 7 years ago

Grade 5 1967 and 1968 are the same class. The only difference is one is in color, the other not (well and the kids moved a bit as the different shots were taken). Since the one photo is dated I am guessing it's really the class of '67.

Paul Lundgren

about 7 years ago

Interesting. Since the transition of black-and-white to color film was happening, the photographer probably shot photos of each class using both kinds of film -- one so there would be an archive version similar to the older photos (which tended to have the same format right down to the writing in a lower corner with school name, class grade and year) and another photo in order to be in line with the times and embrace the color technology.

The older photos seem to have been routinely shot in February (at least based on the two photos where the date can be clearly read on the blackboard). So based on that theory a 1967 photo would be the kids in a class that started in fall 1966 and ended in spring 1967. But maybe by the time the color era came around they were shooting in the fall, which would mean a 1967 photo would have kids from a class that finishes the grade in spring 1968.


about 6 years ago

My mother and aunt are in these pictures. Cool!

Paul Lundgren

about 2 months ago

The 1971-72 grade 1 class pic comes to Perfect Duluth Day by way of Kerstin Moschall, who is the little German blonde in the middle of the back row. 

Kerstin sent the image with a little background:

My family and I lived in Duluth for one school year. My dad was teaching German and French at Denfeld High School. I went to Fairmount Elementary School and my class teacher was Mrs. Broten. At that time I went to first grade and, at the beginning, I was not able to say one sentence in English. But my classmates and Mrs. Broten taught me how to speak it quite fluently and after some months you couldn't tell whether I was a German or an American girl. It was such a wonderful time and, after all those years, I still have lots of memories of Fairmount. I will never forget this special time in my life!

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