Ore Boat Cribbage Board

Ore Boat Cribbage Board

This mighty ore-boat cribbage board, acquired at a rummage sale, is not quite as buoyant as one might expect. Though the peg-holed deck quickly floods, the vessel remains afloat. This cherished antique has all the signs of having been someone’s high-school shop project, so we salute the mysterious nameless craftsperson for the worthwhile contribution to society. It looks like a name may have been penciled on the bottom at one point, but it’s far from legible now.



about 9 years ago

The fact that someone would conceive of that, and that someone would then make it, and that you would later purchase it at a yard sale, see if it floats, in the proper context of Lake Superior even, take a photo of it and share it with the world, gives me reassurance that being human isn't such a bad thing.

Thank you for the levity in this world that is dominated by images of ugliness. I needed that.

Mary Malizia

about 7 years ago

When I was growing up in Duluth I went to school with a family that made cribbage boards in the shape of ore boats. The last name was Dahl, Monica and Eugene was the first name of the children. I don't remember if this was the shape of the boats. My grade school was St. Anthony's and high school was Cathedral. My maiden name was Griffin.

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