I want to raise and slaughter sheep in my Duluth backyard

Lambs rather … I enjoy the old-world taste of their meat and find it difficult to procure at my local super mart. I feel their presence would reduce the amount of lawn mowing while cutting down on my risk of heart attack or stroke as they sooth me with their constant bleating and licking of salt from my fingers. I’m talking like one or two maybe, but there is some (dumbass) rule in zoning preventing me from doing this legally, or they’d be everywhere. What if it was small and I kept a muzzle on it at night?



about 9 years ago

Rules, rules.  The only rule is you should never have one.  They're a heard animal and are stressed when alone.  Have at least two.  It's better for the animal, and stress makes the meat less tasty, so....


about 9 years ago

I bought lamb from Joel Rosen of Sawyer several years ago -- I think he also raises turkeys the Co-op sells? It was great, I met the (remaining) sheep, and I think he does everything very humanely.

banjo tom

about 9 years ago

About 3 minutes of interwebz searching brought me to eatlamb.com ... looks interesting.

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