November 2014 Posts

Thanksgiving Stories

My Thanksgiving started Wednesday, and I want to point a few things out.

Tin Can Gin

Video by Kelsey Marrin.

Selective Focus: Home

The theme of “home,” and the numerous ways we can represent that idea were especially meaningful to me for two principle reasons — first, for having spent the past few years without something that fit the word’s conventional definition, and second for having accomplished a longed-for arrival here, in this community.

Toby Thomas Churchill – “Bad People”

Coach Cork: Lesson #3

The third installment of valuable cross-country skiing tips from Coach Cork, brought to you by Ski Hut.

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Coach Cork: Lesson #1

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Duluth Michael Brown Memorial

Filmed by Joe Olivieri of Lola Visuals.

Coach Cork: Lesson #2

Coach Cork dispenses more tips and advice for cross-country skiers in lesson #2.

Thanks to Ski Hut for sponsoring Coach Cork. See also, Coach Cork: Lesson #1

Duluth moving company recommendations … another try

About a year ago, an inquiry was posted to PDD for moving company recommendations. Bob at Wherley was the only person/company recommended.

I’m bringing the question back as my sister is moving — it’s a local job — packing her two-bedroom house (with garage) and transporting less than 10 miles away. Does anyone have a solid, dependable recommendation?

Also, can anyone speak to how the price is set or if there is an extra cost if the stuff is packed and loaded but sits on the truck for the next day? I appreciate your thoughts.

Duluth featured in Bicycling magazine

Don Ness - Bicycling Magazine - Hansi Johnson photoThe hyperbolic headline “The Town Cycling Saved,” is a tad unfortunate, but the interview with Duluth Mayor Don Ness in this month’s issue of Bicycling magazine is now online. In the print edition, the headline is “Transformer Man,” which is maybe only a little better. Other than that, however, it’s a fun and quick read. The mayor clarified on his Facebook page today that the recent improvements to bike trails is just one part of Duluth’s turnaround, saying “it’s because of Duluth’s revitalization and the new energy around town that groups like COGGS have taken on ambitious goals and have inspired hundreds of volunteers to take ownership of these trails.”

Stalked by a Loon?

Nothing earth-shattering here, just a – nearly invisible! – close encounter with a curious aquatic bird this summer. Must be viewed in HD (ideally fullscreen) to discern anything, but it is there. I was unaware of this until reviewing the footage months later, but for a split second, behind me and to the left, some form of diving waterfowl peeks at me. This inconclusive footage is slowed down 16X to be able to get a glimpse of this ephemeral moment. It doesn’t even stick its head all the way out of the water but I believe a bill may be discerned, a white spot on the head, and possibly a crest off the back of the head although that may simply be a reflection in the water. Anyway, getting decent underwater footage of a curious loon or merganser is something of a holy grail of mine – these birds are often seen diving in the area and I know they sometimes approach human divers. So although thrilled to know I came close to one – within 10 feet by the looks of it – I am also frustrated to have missed the shot.

Sarah Krueger – “Nothing Hits Me”

Video directed, shot and edited by Trent Waterman. Song from the forthcoming Sarah Krueger album Lustrous.

Coach Cork: Lesson #1

Perfect Duluth Day has teamed up with U.S. Cross Country Ski Team Coach Jason Cork to present a three-part instructional series on the magic and thrill of cross-country skiing.

Please enjoy lesson #1, sponsored by Ski Hut.

Outdoor fitness groups in Duluth

A question from PDD’s e-mail inbox:

I just moved here from Southern California. Do we have non-motorized events in Duluth? I mean joggers, walkers, bikers, skaters will gather and ride together. Example is CicLAvia in Los Angeles, where they closed downtown the city for motor vehicles.

57th Avenue Roadway / Flood Reconstruction Video

The flood of 2012 left its mark on Keene Creek, Highland Avenue and 57th Avenue West in West Duluth. This relatively boring video was shot a few days before the roads were closed and one day after completion of the summer-long, 11-million-dollar reconstruction project. Let’s take a rip from Grand Avenue to Skyline for some before/after video.

This Week: Schurke, Cirque and turk(ey)

Untitled design
Though it was just Halloween, and it may seem like it’s already the Christmas season due to the fact that halls everywhere are decked, holiday music is already running 24/7 on Kool 101.7 and seasonal commercials have taken over televisions for nigh on two weeks, it’s actually Thanksgiving that’s on the way.

Here’s a bit of what you’ll find in the Gobble-week edition of the PDD Calendar:

Adventurer Paul Schurke is giving a talk at Mitchell Auditorium on Monday, The Road Kill Boys are at Clyde Iron on Tuesday, and Cirque du Soleil is at the DECC on Wednesday.

Carve up some pre-holiday laughs with the cut-ups at VIP Pizza’s comedy night, hit the Gobbler Glide skating event at the Heritage Center, and win some meat at the Rustic.

On Turkey Day itself, enjoy some free parking, run off some pre-meal calories, hit the DECC for the Thanksgiving Buffet 2014 and get some pie and Chuck at the Zinema.

And, after the veil of Black Friday lifts, there remains much to do in the Twin Ports over the weekend. Head to the PDD Calendar for all the stuff(ing) one could ever want.