Duluth featured in Bicycling magazine

Don Ness - Bicycling Magazine - Hansi Johnson photoThe hyperbolic headline “The Town Cycling Saved,” is a tad unfortunate, but the interview with Duluth Mayor Don Ness in this month’s issue of Bicycling magazine is now online. In the print edition, the headline is “Transformer Man,” which is maybe only a little better. Other than that, however, it’s a fun and quick read. The mayor clarified on his Facebook page today that the recent improvements to bike trails is just one part of Duluth’s turnaround, saying “it’s because of Duluth’s revitalization and the new energy around town that groups like COGGS have taken on ambitious goals and have inspired hundreds of volunteers to take ownership of these trails.”

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about 7 years ago

Christ it's yet another sexy shot of the mayor.  When will it end? I believe he's dropping out of the next race to focus more on his real gifts of modeling.  It would be more accurate to claim BEER single handedly caused the revitalization of Duluth, and that many of the best ideas initiated thus were birthed in that fuzzy realm of inspiration often ignited by three plus El Nino's.   Take my drunken idea the other night for instance... we use taxpayer dollars to add another 1500 feet of vert to Spirit Mountain using bags of trash  covered with top soil. Is that a great idea or what?

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