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Tin Can Gin – “Duluth” (live on the PlayList)

From season six, episode one of WDSE-TV’s The PlayList, bluegrass band Tin Can Gin performs the song “Duluth.”

Tin Can Gin

Video by Kelsey Marrin.

Tin Can Gin — “Coming Home”

Tin Can Gin has been playing around the Duluth area for 3 years. They’re heading back to Sacred Heart Music Center this weekend to record their second album, Coming Home. The band could use support in funding the album and has set up a Kickstarter page. There are some great incentives, so follow the link and see how you can help.

“Tin Can Gin is happy, heart warming, fun, and playful with a steady bass beat to anchor the banjo, fiddle, mandolin, and guitar in their fast paced melodies. Their unique North Shore flavor permeates every song, just like their lightheartedness.” — Destination Duluth