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Skyline Parkway Corridor Management Plan

Icy Street Panaramic

Does anyone have any word on building restrictions on Skyline Parkway? I’m asking because someone built a house on the lower side of Skyline a block above my house. Someone is working on a plot of land to the east which is also directly above my house and they need a variance (for which there is a meeting at City Hall on Tuesday next week).

My street has had a drainage issue ever since I moved in, but the first house to be built up there caused the issue to escalate. With more housing being built directly above, I fear that the problem will get increasingly worse. If anyone has any info on the corridor management plan or building on Skyline in general please let me know, and if you think this issue might directly affect you, let me know so I can forward the meeting info on to you.

I love Duluth and hope that we can work together to make things better. Above is a panoramic picture of ice taking up half the street due to water running down it.



about 10 years ago

The Duluth Zoning Ordinance has some information about building restrictions along Skyline. It may be available on the City's website, or at the planning an zoning department at City Hall. There is an "overlay" section for skyline. There are restrictions on building heights and orientation that are mostly related to view corridor from the parkway, but have less to do with changing drainage patterns. If a variance is being sought, they will have a specific thing or things they will be seeking leniency on, be that a setback, or height restriction. I am not sure about a corridor management plan as far as engineering or environmnetal management goes, but maybe someone else can chime in on that.


about 10 years ago

I thought Skyline Parkway had been designated a scenic byway a decade or more ago. You'd think that would restrict any new construction on it.

John Sommerfeld

about 10 years ago

Yes, that is the spot. I just read that last night. Thanks for the post! I also had a good conversation with a city stormwater engineer and I think he understands my concern for the safety of my family and neighbors when it comes to ice on this hill. I know this is affecting nearby homes as well.


about 10 years ago

The pic you posted doesn't seem to be a very uncommon site anywhere in Duluth, during the spring thaw.  It happens all over the city.

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