Local Landmark Nomination for CJM Memorial

The CJM Memorial Local Landmark Nomination will have its second reading at the Duluth City Council Meeting on June 9 at 7 p.m. The meeting is at City Hall on the third floor in City Council Chambers. The CJM Board ask that you please come and show your support.

Want to do more for Local Landmark Nomination?
Contact Duluth City Councilors and let them know why you support CJM Memorial Local Landmark Nomination.

Reasons CJMM, Inc. wants Local Landmark Status:
1. CJM Memorial is located in a Historical District.
2. CJM Memorial commemorates a high-profile historic event in the city of Duluth.
3. Local Landmark status would further integrate the CJM Memorial into Duluth history.
4. CJM Memorial is the only monument in the nation that memorializes the victims of a lynching and a Local Landmark status could help a National Landmark status.

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