Duluth Mystery Photo #13: Aunt Ella Jackman

The woman seated in this photo is identified on the back as “Aunt Ella Jackman.” So, of course, inquiring minds want to know: Who was this Ella Jackman and what about the woman standing over her?

Here is the backside of this photo postcard:

Two business addresses are listed:
Post Card Shop, No. 7 Sixth St., Minneapolis, Minn.
Penny Arcade, 110 W. Superior St., Duluth, Minn.



about 10 years ago

This is my favorite mystery photo so far.  The hats!  The furs!

So it looks like these two businesses worked in tandem and published lots of photo/postcards in the early part of the last century, per a quick tour on Google.

And it looks like Penny Arcade still photographs in Duluth???  Perhaps....



about 10 years ago

According to the Minnesota Historical Society, the owner of Arcade Camera Shop/Studio at 110 West Superior St. was Thomas W. Furniss.  It was in operation from 1915-1920.  From 1921-1922 it was Arcade Photo Supply Company.

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