Mystery Photo #139: Three Men in Caps

Anyone who wants to delve into the difference between a flat cap and a newsboy cap and a bakerboy cap and on and on can feel free to do so, but the main mysteries we seek to solve are who these three gentlemen might be and whether they were Duluthians.

Yes, this is another photo that is stamped on the back with the names of the Post Card Shop in Minneapolis and the Penny Arcade / Arcade Studio in Duluth. We’ve run into numerous examples, and it can be vexing to determine which were shot in Minneapolis or Duluth. But sometimes we find a few clues that help draw a conclusion.


Gina Temple-Rhodes

about 3 years ago

There's not much to go on, but in continuing the "frustrating for history nerds" saga: This card has "Arcade Studio" printed on it, not "Penny  Arcade" as some of the others we've seen. Someone went through the trouble of changing that stamp at some point. Mr. Furniss ran the Arcade Studio about from 1915-1920. This is his 1916 listing.

Paul Lundgren

about 3 years ago

Two of the Penny Arcade postcards in the PDD Archives are postmarked 1908 and are stamped with just the Penny Arcade information, which leads me to believe the Post Card Shop in Minneapolis opened later, and then Penny Arcade became Arcade Studio circa 1915. If true, that gives us kind of a range for dating the images at least.

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