Mystery Photo #121: Buggy Boys

A recurring source of confusion in the Mystery Photo series is whether particular images that share the stamp of the Post Card Shop in Minneapolis and the Penny Arcade in Duluth were shot in Minneapolis or Duluth. Here is another such image.


Gina Temple-Rhodes

about 3 years ago

It is a different "car" than this previous posting, so presumably one is in Minneapolis and one is in Duluth.

It was a similar deal with a wishing well Penny Arcade scene; there are two floating around out there. We know this one was likely from Duluth.

Paul Lundgren

about 3 years ago

Since there is a photo of three women in a car on Etsy that was shot at the Penny Arcade in Duluth (without a simultaneous listing of the Post Card Shop in Minneapolis) it gives us a starting point for identifying a Duluth car. But as shown below in the second image, there is a car that looks very similar, yet slightly different than the confirmed Duluth car. But then the mystery photo in this particular post is a pretty different looking car, which might lead one to think it's a Minneapolis car, but could be a second Duluth car option.

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