Neighborhood book burner strikes Little Free Library

“Well I never!” What a way to start the day. Here at Loaves & Fishes on Jefferson Street, someone decided to set our Little Free Book Library on fire this morning! An officer happened to be driving by and she noticed flames emanating from the library so she stopped, grabbed her fire extinguisher, and extinguished the flames. Who thinks it’s a good idea to burn free books? Seriously.

There was a great Louise Erdrich book in there 🙁 Strange, strange world. Anyone have materials, building skills, or money to help us build a new and improved Free Library? Just call 218-724-2054 or drop supplies off at Dorothy Day House, 1712 Jefferson St. Duluth.



about 10 years ago

That's a bummer.  It must have been those dang college kids.


about 10 years ago

It can't be college kids. This was done in the morning!


about 10 years ago

That is junior high hooliganism.

Rachel Rockwell

about 10 years ago

I can't believe it! I live just down the street and I was just looking at your books yesterday on my way home from SuperOne. :( I noticed some interesting things this morning outside my house as well. Someone had put a trash can on someone's care and had stolen a child's riding car... 

Well, I would love to restock your library. Unfortunately I have no building skills. Please do contact me! I would love to walk some books down to you!


about 10 years ago

Dear Booklady, I'm sorry for the burning of this library, but I don't know if the book you refer to, the one in the photo by Dorris/Erdrich would qualify as "great." Nay, it sounds closer to the category of holier-than- thou, professorial shlock, masquerading under the guise of historic romance novel of the century, a field of literature all too common across the land (or 'ubiquitous' for you professors trying to make a name). Nor if the arsonist would've been so moved by its presence as to second guess his actions.  Indeed, if he'd had some prior history on the male half of this book's author, as presented in the Star Trib article below, might've realized things are not always as they seem in Camel Lot, and perhaps been motivated to burn this title alone, whereon none of us would be having this conversation right now. 
As for Louise Erdrich, let us now praise the fortunate yet bizarre turn of events that has delivered her from his companionship, and pray her best work is yet to come. From the ashes rises the Phoenix.

Paul Lundgren

about 10 years ago

Not to sidestep the seriousness of arson, but I have a suggestion for moving forward.

Don't rebuild. Embrace it in the manner of Tom's Burned Down Bar. Throw a tarp over it. You now have Duluth's most unique little burned-down free library.


about 10 years ago

Perhaps rebuild it out of something that doesn't burn?

This is a real bummer though, I used to live right on 19th and Jefferson and loved it when you built this.


about 10 years ago

Agree with Paul 100% on this one!  and you could start putting up little signs like at Tom's but with a book twist, like "You can't read all day unless you start in the morning!" or "No serious reader should be able to sleep at night." etc. etc. I am sure some of you witty folks on here can come up with some better/funnier examples...


about 10 years ago

I'm a fan of yours, Herzog. But, brevity, my friend, brevity...

I'll help you out:

"Sucks about the fire. Erdrich is great, but that was not her best book. Also, her former husband, the co-author, was a troubled ass. (link)".

Try it sometime. It feels great.

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