A few images from the Woodland Middle School auction

Amid the chaos of the auction, I managed to snap a few shots for posterity. I was only there for an hour, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this auction went on from 4 p.m. to midnight. There was a lot of stuff, a lot of bidders, and things weren’t going cheaply. Wanna buy an auditorium? A pool?



about 6 years ago

Funny how deep that pool looks with no water in it. I think that's the first time I've ever seen those bleachers out. I wish I had been there to buy that anatomical man.


about 6 years ago

That anatomy figure went for $250, I'm pretty jealous of whoever got it. If they were going to  sell every single window, cabinet, and door individually (like they were labeled) I bet they're still there. I never heard how they were planning on getting through all of that, and after the thrilling round of auctioning off buckets of rock salt I gave up on ever finding out. 

It was great to be able to go back and see it all one last time, I never realized what a distinct smell that school had until I got upstairs and the smell set off all sorts of memories. Probably was the mold. And it also confirmed my memories of how terribly leaky the ceilings were, there were water stains on the ceiling tiles in almost every room. My favorite room to go back to was the home economics room, it still looks like a kitchen from the seventies with the creamsicle orange cabinetry.  

Like was written on one of the chalkboards in a classroom "goodby Woodland!" Hopefully there was a lot learned within those walls. And hopefully someone can still teach that person how to spell goodbye.


about 6 years ago

It was packed there last night! I had a lot of fun prowling around with all of the deal hunters. I was surprised there wasn't any textbooks or anything, but I'm sure anything worthwhile like books or decent woodworking tools were distributed to the other schools.

I loved seeing how there were orange auction stickers on everything and anything. You can buy this window! You can buy this railing! You can buy this mop!


about 6 years ago

I spent many mornings shivering in that pool! I get cold just looking at it. I hated Phy. Ed. in junior high, so this was not my favorite place!


about 6 years ago

If you were there for an hour it was probably while the auction was occurring in the cafeteria. I think everyone was there for the kitchen equipment. 

Quite a few left after the kitchen or after the shop area and it got down to 30 people or so wandering into classrooms bidding on write on/wipe off boards and cabinets. 

I must disagree with you on the high prices Paul - the elevator went for $65 and very nice cabinetry went for less than $200 for 12 feet of uppers and lowers. 

People were getting bargains - the auditorium seats were being bid on by no more than 5 bidders - most of whom wanted a row or two -  got to a point where one young man purchased over 10 rows of seats for $5!

For those of you who missed it - I would imagine you can watch Craigslist for listings of "250 Woodland School lockers For Sale" or "Woodland School Corner Stone Bronze Plaque For Sale."

As for me, I went to purchase bookcases - I was successful in winning 2 oak library bookcases for $30 (among a few other items). Score!


about 6 years ago

Wow, forgot what the inside looked like. I might have gone, but was working. Probably for the best, as I hoard.. still, thanks for the  pictures. Hated my time at Woodland Penitentiary but still nice to have some old memory circuits lit up.


about 1 year ago

I know this an old post but oh well. I went to Woodland when I was in 7th grade ... that was also the year they built the addition for the 5th and 6th grade to come in. The following year is when they actually started. The photo of the gym, my locker was right outside those doors ... the pool I am sure everyone who went there and had Mr. Kunze, remembers that pool. He was the best and the most fun. I also had Mrs. Gilbert when I was there. It is a shame to see such a beautiful school go to waste. But it also shows HOW POOR THE EDUCATION is around Duluth...my kids, I refuse to put into Duluth schools because of the lack of quality education. Things have changed a lot ... but you know the education system lacks when the "new" teachers cannot teach your child how to do math ... I mean that is what they go to college for. Anyway, Woodland was a wonderful school ... the everlasting memories and the smell of Preferred Stock in the hallway ... ahhh 1990's nostalgia.  

Interesting fact: I went to the original MacArthur Elementary that is no longer standing. I attended Cobb Elementary that is no longer a school. Woodland (well you know)... I attended 8th grade at Lincoln which is no longer a school ... and Denfeld which has also changed significantly. I am in my late 30s. I feel like the major changes in the past several years have taken away my childhood ... also ... FYI ... when you have children that attend school 21 years after you and they have the same exact textbooks, it shows the city is more interested in adding breweries and soccer fields and crappy apartments that nobody can afford ... when in reality our education should be more important. When is this going to be a priority instead of alcoholic businesses? It is sad that we are showing our children that to succeed you have to be a part of the drinking crowd.

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